Blog sng: It's OkaY to Be filthy RicH

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      Hey guys, I've decided to create a blog which is going to inform you through my way to HS sng at Stars.
      Why I decided to create a blog is simple, I just want to track my way and summarize my goals etc. :fuckyeah:
      Nowadays I play at 888poker, 5$stakes 1tabs. :profit: I want to learn a move up quickly and by the end of August I'd like to move up to 10 - 20$stakes.:deadhappy:
      I want to bring you news and comments regulary, so I'll be delighted if you comment and react on my blog.
      Down the road I want to move to Stars and play there HS + start with MTTs. My lifetime goal is to beat HS and win EPT. :appl:


      :profit: Br: 200$

      :profit: stakes: 5$

      :profit: pokersite: 888poker

      :profit: goal: 1500$ by the end of august

      :profit: lifetime goal: to win EPT and to beat HS

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