Pushing through the glut of variance can be very difficult. However, if your lifestyle outside poker is healthy, it can make all the difference. Tournament play is not always optimal. Sometimes the cards just don't come. Your UTG with AQ and 3bet. One of the other players calls with trash and hits two pair. You conti bet and he shoves. Your sure he's on a bluff. Snap calling you get run right over! What happened? 1- You didn't stop to consider if he lucked out with trips cause he was set mining with his call of your 3bet. 2- You didn't stop to consider that the luck sack may have hit two pair.
It sounds harsh, but this is the reality. As a player with a good hand we can become biased towards our own play. "I have the best hand, I'm sure to win this pot if I shove!". It's never that simple. Tournament play dictates caution if any good player wants to run deep to make the final table and the money. Don't be so hard on yourself if your just starting to learn. Come up with a list of things to consider before calling, even with a good hand. Snap calling is the quickest way to get felted. Think first, then act. It's tuff to have to fold top pair or AK, but if your not stopping to think, "Why is this guy shoving?", your not thinking through your plays.
If your through with change, your through!!!