Bad Beat Jackpot

Give bad beats the shove with TigerGaming’s Bad Beat Jackpot where everyone at the table gets a piece of the pot.

To play, look out for the star that appears next to the real money bad beat table name. So long as there are four or more players at the table and you get beaten with Four of a Kind Jacks or better and you’ll get you bonus immediately after the hand ends.

Both hole cards must be included in the losing hand which must go to a showdown in order to qualify for the prize.

Jackpot contributions are taken from the pot at a rate of $0.10 per $4 in the pot up to a maximum of $0.50 per hand.

The Bad Beat Jackpot will be divided among the players as follows:
-27.50% for Bad Beat winner
-15% for the hand winner
-15% for the rest of the players dealt into the hand
-5% for players at other Bad Beat tables
-27.50% Reseeded into the jackpot
-10% Administrative costs

Players sitting at multiple bad beat tables will only get one prize.

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