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the plo micro grind

    • ZakYoun270
      Joined: 10.12.2015 Posts: 130
      Just finished a decent session. Think I did pretty well. 6 tabling $25 PLO and $10 PLO. I recorded the session and will probably upload it to youtube tonight.

      Here are some hands I played. Limped in pot and I stack off with top set. Villain has the mega draw and is actually a 55.37% favourite.

      Board runs out 6s, Ts and I win.

      I raise pre and bet every post flop street. Villain calls down. His turn peel is a little ambitious.

      I defend my BB after two players limp in and the SB raises. On the flop I raise a half pot c-bet and villain calls. The turn completes a straight but I pick up flush draw anyway so I pot it. Villain calls but then folds the river for my last $1.50

      Hit up 20 minutes on the exercise bike at good intensity. Going to eat lunch then I guess play another session.

      This was a pretty interesting spot I thought.

      Limped around pre, 4 to the flop.

      I lead 30 cents, villian flats.

      Turn I lead 50 cents villain flats.

      River I check fold to a $2 wager.
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    • ZakYoun270
      Joined: 10.12.2015 Posts: 130
      Just finished a pretty short session I ended up cutting it short because I wanted to do some analysis of some of the spots that I found myself in. One of my weaknesses as a player is not spending enough time away from the table improving my play and so I am going to make a conscious effort to spend more time studying poker. My session was around 30 minutes. Over all everything went pretty well. I feel good about the decisions I made, and while there weren't too many frustrating / triggering incidents my mental game was on point (but like I said this wasn't really a session that tested it). The session was only about 35 minutes in length.

      So hand #1.

      $25 PLO

      Villain makes it 0.57 UTG. Villain is a recreational player but on the more reasonable side of rec (fish, not whale). He plays > 50% of his hands before the flop. His stats are 57/15. We are 40 bb ($10) effective. So I pick up AsAd5d2c on the button and re-raise pot to just over $2, 8 bb. This is a very clear spot to raise for value. I have good aces and position. Villain calls and we take the flop three way after the SB, another loose player, takes two to the face.

      So there is $6.08 in the middle and I am playing $7.24. So SPR of just over 1. And villain leads out for half pot. The flop btw is :

      Jh5s3h. Not a great flop for me but I have aces and a weak gutshot. In general this sort of two tone texture is pretty bad for just aces especially three way because it puts up a lot of possible draws that have strong equity against you and also the possibility of getting it in three way between two pair and a draw which would leave you in very bad shape.

      So what are the possibilities in terms of equities right now? If villain flopped J5 then I have 31.59% on average. This is against any J5 so includes the times he has draws to go with it. My gutshot helps a lot here. So while in this scenario I wouldn't have the equity to stack off (I am getting 1.8:1 to stack off so need 35%-36% equity to make a profitable all in) I wouldn't be too far behind. Unfortunately this villain is too passive to lead something like JT98 without the flush draw, against which I would be in good shape. He could probably lead something like top pair + flush draw which would be a 2:1 favourite against my hand so that is not really a nightmare scenario because again against this holding I am only slightly losing given the money odds offered to me by the pot.

      Of course against a set I only have 20% equity but it is possible he would choose a larger sizing with this hand to protect against draws and anyway it is not that easy to flop three of a kind. So this is a possibility, and a frightening one at that, but as unfortunate as that scenario is I think it's relatively uncommon. Especially given that it was raise reraise before the flop, and the first raise came from a somewhat passive player, the bottom two sets are likely to be out of play, at least for UTG but even SB is less likely to cold call with many 33 or 55 based hands despite being a loose player.

      What further complicates our analysis is the presence of the third player in the pot. This additional variable advocates against stacking off because once the first player bets and I jam he is only going to proceed with hands which are quite competitive. He has the advantage of relative position because UTG chose to donk out and will be well situated to make his decision.

      In the end I decided to stack off and was actually a 55/45 favourite vs QQAK w/ nut hearts but he hit a set on the river and I lost.
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 42,420
      I only play PLO sometimes for fun, but I wish you all the best in your PLO adventure :gl: