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Two guys grinding (not in a gay way)

    • mtesakk
      Joined: 05.01.2012 Posts: 93

      my name is Matej and now i play nl25 zoom 6max on PS.
      I have been trying to push my roommate Miky into poker like for 6 months a this month he has finally started playing.

      Before this month he didnt know even the rules of poker, now he plays nl10 under my watch :f_cool: :f_cool:

      Now we have decided that we need challenge, otherwise we just play world of warcraft and drink a lot.

      So we are starting a blog! The little problem is our english so sorry about that.

      The Challenge is for me

      2k hands on zoom nl25 every day + session review + 1 hour of studying new stuff in poker..

      For Miky

      1k hands on zoom nl10 every day + 1 hour session on nl5(without my watch) + session review + 1 hour of studying new stuff in poker..

      And every day sport for both - skate/running/fitness..

      We also try to stop eating at restaurants and cook some shit!

      We will post results of the challenge every week.
      So the main purpose of this blog is to track results of our challange.
      But maybe Miky will entertain you with his rap songs and naked pictures.:f_cool:
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    • MyFloXyBabY
      Joined: 15.02.2010 Posts: 4,377
      Hello, nice title haha =)

      Good luck both, gay or not, and while naked pictures aren't mandatory poker hh might very well be ;)
    • Lasso
      Joined: 26.06.2006 Posts: 5,630
      gl to the both of you. constant updating here will work wonders on your english. trying to interact in hand judge forums will help a lot :)
    • Arnalsan
      Joined: 15.03.2010 Posts: 580
      Hey good Lucky guys
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 42,200
      Interesting you even mention that in the title. I wouldn’t be surprised you get more people checking this out. How is the start going so far?

      Good luck with grinding :gl:

    • mtesakk
      Joined: 05.01.2012 Posts: 93
      well.. i play a lot more then 2khands per day..... now i am trying to play 4 zoom tables and boost volume up, the problem is i have tendency "just click" hard spots for stacks without thinking... plaing as much hands as possible like 90%perc of clicks are autodecisions, but i dont stop when i should overthink spot...

      and tilting of course, now im losing like 20bi in a row and i usually start tilting after 20minutes of play, spew 1 bi and turn the game off for 2-3hours..

      Yesterday i had really bad fucking day, everything went wrong and i was so upset and i went mad. End up playing higher stakes to gamble away bad mood. YEAH nice fucking idea, but i am luckbox of course, make a lot of money for me there.

      For nl25 i have now safe BR 100bi+, i will try some shots nl50 but not much, cause i see a lot of flaws in my game right now, so i have to study more..

      + I set a restriction on higer limits then nl50 on pokerstars, which is nice feature.

      I watch 1 video of poker every 2 days, do sessions reviews, but i could do a lot more... And i should if i wanna move up to nl50

      and do some sport every day is really thing for me.. cause working 6,5h every day, playing 3-6h, some pc games and so on... i dont have fucking time:( (( But i went skating 2 times..

      :f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool: MIKY:f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool:
      . first of all - no naked pictures today :(
      . he made pretty sick beat, but he doesnt want to rap some shit
      .1k hands/day is a lot for him. . We have to change challange somehow,,,,
      . he plays nl5 and i dont tell him what to do ingame, cause we find out, that he dont know what to do in game if he plays just by himself... (sitting next to him)
      .he have memorized default preflop ranges, in most spots he knows when to cbet flop.. we need to focus on playing as a caller and 3B spots
      .hes so opposite of me, so disciplined in game, he can fold really big hand in second without any problems,
      maybe a little moneyscared but thats understandable

      Soo we have to find a way how to change this challange or this blog to be it good thing for both of us.....

      These days i wont play probably, cause my hud isnt workign on zoom tables.
      I have pt4 on mac.
      Its a bigger problem, cause a lot of people on have same problem...