bwin support sucks

    • marcelhermus
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      hi i`m probably going away from bwin.

      i asked them a while ago if they could block me from limits to high for my bankroll.
      i told them i would like to play no higher then nl50. they informed me after a week or so they would check in if it was possible.
      but at the same time they blocked my account. responsible gaming and stuff.

      a day later they responded it was not possible. but my account was still blocked.

      i can`t play now for about one and a half week. i`m about 140 points away from a bonus of 100$ (about 1 or 2 hours of play) and have a bonus for 500 in que.
      these bonuses are not getting more easy this way.

      and i asked them several times to unblock my account since i didn`t asked for a block.

      but as a yellow member (lol) i haven`t heared from them more then a week.

      sent an email yesterday that if they don`t fix it soon i will go away.
      its a shame of the bonusses. but this shit is too much for me.

      maybe go to pokerheaven :D nice bonus.
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    • NiekamNeidomu
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      well.. tbh i cashed out everything from bwin.. ;) first of all..this "great"bonus isint that great... you need to produce 4k $ rake in cash games to get 500$ o.O you will b able to buy some $ for markets it's like 600$ for 4k rake = 15% rb o.O
      Other thing..trafic there is fine only in evenings.. so forget about mega grinding ^^
      Support.. well what can i say.. = Joke ;) they r realy slow.. you cant even change curency when you have 0$ in your real money acc - -
      oh favorite parts..unstable software xD
      in my 1month period.. software crashed few times..first time i lost half of my bankroll for about few days period..after all tables timed out o.O for all bwin users..
      and there was few times..when they decided to stop updating player points wich you get for rake :D so i had to make double cash out ;D becouse when they started to update it.. i was quite surprised..when i my bonus was at 99,99% :D

      so.. thats my experience with bwin
      P.S. Hate Theyr Software !
    • roswellx
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      I don't like their software too.. It can't be resized.... OMFG what r u saying man... If I make the 3000 PPs won't they release this bonus for withdrawal ? I was planning to withdraw part of it.
    • NiekamNeidomu
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      no xD there is no part realease you get it all or nothing ;)
    • mishuq
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      looks like the new 1000$ bonus is cleared in steps O_o. it's worse than mine (the 500$ one) if you consider 4k points = 400 $ and only 60 days to clear it instead of 90 but probably it is better for the higher volume players. although I can't see why a high volume player would sign in at bwin as you don't have FL tables and for NL I usually clear all tables from a limit in one ~ 2 hours session. so there isn't much grinding to do I suppose except for the bss players perhaps if they only play 8+ tables at once