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Going for birdie

    • Alafoe
      Joined: 28.08.2008 Posts: 202
      Well. Concurence is crucial point in our sucess. So I am starting this thread. Its quite funny call these threads blogs but its everyone thing.

      I WANT WSOP MAIN EVENT 2009 TICKET! And this thread should be somehow concurent to another wsop guy here :D And, yes I am inspirated by him.

      I have few dolars to do so. I quited real poker almost completely to play WSOP qualifiers.

      First I am trying to get into same steps challenge like eagle star and so far have 3 1$ tickets for 12000$ package. You can guess my odds.

      On the fulltilt I played few freerolls qualifiers to another freeroll to WSOP qualifier. And so far won nothing.

      On the pokerstars I have not so much money to play even step1 8$ sng. But I think I can break it and ...

      0 WSOP 2009 tickets so far ... and counting
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    • Alafoe
      Joined: 28.08.2008 Posts: 202
      I dont know how to say in English but in my own language it sounds "there is not package like package" and should mean that there are many different WSOP packages. If you are familiar with Englis please let me know how to say.

      You can win single WSOP ticket worth $10000 (fulltilt) or package worth $12000(fulltilt) or $13000 package(titan). I wonder what is the difference here.

      And with each package there probably goes your sponsorship document. Its quite strange when you win ticket with expenses with your cash and then ... you have to wear "shiny hat" or "nice t-shirt" or throuders with your sponsor logo. But there is another thing. You can get also some good things. UB and FULLTILT offers you $10000000 sponsorship if you place really good (read first) on the final table. And when the projected first prize is slightly over $10000000 I can not bother that I have to wear some logos. I may even prepare more logos to fill blank spaces like Denis Philips done to support his employe on previous event.

      And now about my decision what to try first. There are many advantages and drawbacks for each site to gain ticket. Please feel free to suggest me best possible site to play for WSOP ticket.

      Full tilt poker:
      I dont study their steps well cos I havent my acount tracked through pokerstrategy nor other rakeback provider. So I decided not to play here for cash and can only evaluate their freerolls.

      Every 5 mins is starting 200 players hyper turbo tournament and first 2 advance to better freeroll where top players advance for qualifier. This is relatively cheap way. But the problem is that you can only win $10000 ticket, not package. It should mean extra $2000 investment. I guess I have never won so much money at poker tables. So it should be high starting capital needed to deposit. But the good thing is the $10000000 added money for winner.

      Well this is not supported site here. For me the best thing about qualifiers there is that you can not withdraw or transfer into cash or tournament dolars your steps to wsop tickets. It means for me even if I win that $3000 worth ticket I have to play for my package or lose it because I can not transfer it somehow. Superb! If I played on PS and won $3000 ticked i would probably get scared and transfer that to tournament dollars. So once I start playing on UB I can not quit without result. The drawback is that there is not so many games so far in high buy in steps. I have never seen running sng for WSOP package what is quite strange. Thats point for pokerstars and general drawback of small poker sites. Few years ago I played on some "piratas poker" site and there were so low trafic that there were almost no players if you wanted something different from NL10. But there is another good thing on UB. That $10000000 for series winner wearing their hat. Well will not be shamed looking like idiot when I will get $10000000 at the end. But the main reason is low buy-in for me.

      Well. Qualifiers starting on 8$. HUGE! But instead of 10 steps on UB you will get 6 simple steps. If eagle star would play here he may get one WSOP ticket yet. This is also the site what sent the most people to WSOP last year. If you win WSOP package here, they will upgrade your status to supernova. In my case it would be quick step from my bronze status star. But that is true nature of supernovas. They grow suddenly and lasts short. But there is another drawback. For the first place finish you will get ONLY $1000000. Last winner was from pokerstars and thats way more real than for other sites ... but when I could have $9000000 more. Thats hard. And well there is another way. You can try "step0" when you can for your 3 FPP get entry into hyper turbo tournament where you can win step1 ticket. And I was learned in some coaching what could be better proof of your poker skill than to prove your pushing and folding abilities...

      I quit ipoker for the moment. But the good reasons for give it a try are that the package is worth $13000. So $1000 more is a good bonus for my expenses for trip to USA. (Or its some other tournament fee?) Another reason is that I have two pokerstrategy tracked account on ipoker. And another that mansion issued new bonus money to my account.

      Have no clue

      So if you find some offer like deposit 100 and get WSOP ticket free please let me know!

      0 WSOP 2009 tickets so far ... and counting