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Professional Hobbyist [NL 6max Micros]

    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      Heyho together :f_drink: ,

      I am 24, work a lot, had some active month in poker and some month doing nothing with poker. Some days before I restarted this journey again. I have an inner drive that brings me into doing 100% or stopping it at all. Sometimes I try to balance it more but this does not work every time. However ... I think it is a good I idea to write down the thing that I am doing because:

      Why blog?
      - Get more feedback
      - See progress
      - Improve English
      - Higher Commitment to poker
      - Leave something usable for others
      - Higher learn-effectiveness by writing down things
      - ...

      Yesterday I watched coach-lemons-university-course-session-thing-what-ever-awesome-thing-it-was and he also advised to blog. So there we go. :f_pleased:

      Poker concentration?
      - Playing micros (starting NL2 & NL5) -> 6 MAX
      - Reading a lot of poker books
      - Consuming content of gold-status here in
      - Try/Use coaching once a week
      - Lot of hand-analyses here in the forum
      - Lot of game-plan-analyses with Flopzilla
      - Active participation in live-streams
      - Getting better in poker-software like PT4, TableOptimizer & Flopzilla, Equilab
      - ...

      Non-poker things in my week?
      - 2 times climbing a week & 2 time finger-board-exercise
      - 2 time strength sport
      - 1 time cardio-sport (running, bicycle, swimming, ...)
      - 40 h software development
      - 20 h study-effort for university (economical & it fushion)
      - Care for my fiancee and my two dogs
      - Do necessary family & friend support
      - Cold shower in the morning
      - Eat clean

      However that looks heavy ... without poker I normaly work up to work 100h+ a week. Now I want to slow down this huge amount of work and spend time into a hobby like poker.

      - PokerStars Client :coolface:
      - Pokertracker 4
      - Flopzilla & Equilab
      - Table Optimizer
      - A glas white board
      - A desk with a second screen
      - Outlook, OneNote

      Time mgt.?
      The grey things are poker activities:

      I guess that's it for the first post ... :f_love:
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    • Rhodriguez
      Joined: 01.10.2006 Posts: 741
      Then I wish you good luck!

      Yes indeed - it looks pretty full packed with not much wiggle room left but at least you planned in eight hours of sleep! :f_thumbsup: It's very important not to shave off from there. Hope you get in those sessions rather quick so the will become a habit.

      Which languages do you use for software development?

    • metalmonkey80
      Joined: 15.08.2013 Posts: 2,865
      Hello Klausen16,

      Nice start to your blog and great planning too :f_thumbsup:
      Wish yu the best of sucess in reaching your poker / non poker goals and Look forward to reading future posts :f_drink:
      Have you seen Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge - Opt-in now!

      Good luck at the tables and subbed.


    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      Thanks Rhodri! :f_grin:
      My main coding-languages that I use at work are: C#, CAL & AL, JavaScript and Powershell-Stuff
      I also did: VB, C, C++, SQL, Java, CSS, HTML5 , ASP.NET, Angular, Python, ...

      Hey Matt! :f_grin:
      I read it and I will do the things to be a part of that Challenge tomorrow!

      Strategy workout
      Today I started a new serial here on
      -> Fish Fryer :

      • Goal is to find the most efficient way instead of getting the best winrate in bb. For this I need to find the perfect unit of tables that I can play in a most efficient way from the whole perspective. As well I need to master table-selection. I mean table selection is an annoying thing but I think it is one of the best opportunities to make sure meeting much fish is happening as well. As well this means that I need to play on the limit will give me the best profit combined with my pokerskills right now.
      • Identifying fish by openlimping, stake-size or chat-use to mark them as a tier 1 fish. If a player uses unorthodox bet-sizing pre and post flop, gets into overpassivity or over aggression or stickiness I need to mark them as tier 2 fish.
      • Use stats as usual to find leaks and to be able to mark them as fish (if I got enough hands here)
      • Isorasing: to increase the chance that I am the only one playing vs the fish as well as iso-cbetting <- need to workout this in detail
      • limping behind <- need to workout this in detail
      • sb cold-calling <- need to workout this in detail
      • sb completing <- need to workout this in detail
      • Postflop: I shouldn't loose the aggression even against weak opponents and I should fold less against fish.

      Really good work that w34z3l did here. I will do go on with that stuff. :f_thumbsup:

      Session today was good as well :f_thumbsup: .... here is the graph of yesterday and today:
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      Coloring other players
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      So there we go ... as said I will start:

      Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge

      So ... first post today and the following every Monday in the morning! :f_thumbsup:

      Day 4:
      Current Bankroll: 134,96 $
      Target Bankroll: 1000,00 $
      Played Hands: 1626
      Difference in BB: + 287

      My init post is here!
    • OldSchoolPapa
      Joined: 31.10.2010 Posts: 917
      Just a tought since you talked about finding the best unit of tables for multi-tabing.
      I was somewhat looking for the same thing awhile ago and looked into different books and websites.
      A good advice i saw was to play for exemple 12 tables for a week , then 10 for an other week and decrease slowly then filter your results to get an overview of wich numbers fit you the best. Also on low rakeback rewards poker rooms most websites i saw say it's almost pointless getting more than 6 Tables.
      I only share what i saw and was reading about but i think it's better to find out by yourself wich is the best for you.

      Best of Skills & Luck @ Tables,
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      Heyho J-C.,

      thanks for you advice there! :f_grin: I also read something in a book yesterday: "How I Made My First Million from Poker" .
      However he told 2 strategies:

      Unit of Table-Strategies
      :diamond: Play 1 table and than add one more in the next week ... and than week by week compare feeling and results to get the best fitting unit of tables.
      :diamond: Play one week as many as possible tables to train multitableling and the next week play like less tables the same time to get better in the game itself.

      And actually I think I will start playing 4 tables right now to get better in the game and will increase this one by one until I get my maximum ... and than I will switch to the second style: One week a lot of tables and one week less tables to train multi-tableling and my poker-game. :coolface:

      Book Exercises
      Again, right now I read the book "How I Made My First Million from Poker" while sitting in the train and there were some exercises that I decide to do. I won't do all of the exercises but some of them:

      Rate your level of professionality from 1 to 10

      Why I don't have a 10?
      I just don't feel that there is nothing that I could improve .... I thought my level of software-development-professionality was high but than I read some books telling me I was wrong :D However there is at least one thing that I do not perfectly which is telling people and myself the truth of what is going on in my brain. As well I need to be increase my responsibility for thing that I do.

      What are the steps to fix that leaks?
      I should focus on responsibility and being more honest to people and myself.

      What should I do to keep my competitive edge (in my case after getting something in poker done :D )?
      Keep reading a lot of books, new strategies, ... take coachings, try some new poker-variants, simulate and test new things, ...

      So I decide to try a coaching session ... I gave him some hands as file and recorded one session. I think it is good to have constantly feedback by a profession. I bought some coaching in other things like software-development and learning English as well ... and in every single case the coach did the job really good and I always was sure that it was the right decision to spend money in here. So ... I am really excited and I will post something in the next days concering this for sure! :f_thumbsup:

      I finally finished my HUD that I will use to start with. I think it is kind of big but I disabled all popups because I don't like them right now :D ... and I also like to have everything really structured ... so there it is:
    • OldSchoolPapa
      Joined: 31.10.2010 Posts: 917
      Nice HUD but not sure how it would looks like while multi-tabling or on a full ring table. For HUD setup and layout it can be good to try it on play money so you can focus on adjusting the tables layout and HUD without any stress.
      Also something to think about is to filter stats by number of players at table, it can be interesting to do.
      About how to make a Million Online euh can't say but i would check the year of publication of the book. Today online, i think to make it for living is much harder.
      It's just my opinion of course and i'm far from a pro poker player. But players are getting more tought / sharp and poker rooms offer less rewards to regulars.
      So unless to be really in the 10% of the top field and on a long run it's gonna be pretty hard. Of course if you qualify to a main event with a satellite and make it you can probably capitalise on it. Make decent revenues on twitch streaming , youtube and such. Also get some sponsors rewards to talk about specific pieces of software or hardware and why not write a book about your experience. But without all that i think it's much harder than let's say 10 years ago.
      Unless you expatriate yourself in a 3rd world country to have cheaper lifestyle and lower everyday expanses ...
      Again it's just my way to see it. But if your overall plan is to play poker online for living well think threw it very well and make sure you have backup plans.
      Plan A - B - C - D and even a E like End lol.:f_drink:
    • Talisker74
      Joined: 17.08.2009 Posts: 1,485
      Hello Klausen,

      just Took a Quick overview from handy

      Just have a Look at Exploit Expert Series from weasel

    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      Yeah I just read this book to get some cool mindset- and poker-strategy out of it. I don't try to stop software-development and while I do some software-development I don't have to get money out of poker. Instead I can put some money into that hobby ... for some poker-software-tools, pokerbooks, coachings, ... However that doesn't mean that I will try less than need to have the money out of poker. I really like to focus on the input and not on the output. And I do this in every thing that I do like work, relations to people, climbing, ... and hopefully I will do the same with poker. Because I can control my input ... but I can't controle the output of poker, relations with people, work, ... :f_thumbsup:

      @Slainte Talisker:
      Where are you from? I'm from Krefeld if you know :D ... I noted that your from Germany :f_drink:
      Thanks for that tip! I added this to my todo-list: Exploit Series by weasel <-ToDo - ToDo

      Coaching Homework
      So my coach la55i gave me really nice points that I will workout now:
      :diamond: Completing/calling vs short-stakes more than vs full-stakes
      :diamond: With Supernuts like straight-flush and 4 suited cards on the board try check->raise @ river ... because just shove river looks to strong
      :diamond: Avoid timeouts for 100% -> go less tables if this happens
      :diamond: IsoRaise limper -> bet vs fit-or-fold-player @ flop
      :diamond: After check flop, check turn -> bet river if nothing change the situation or even on turn with a delayed cbet
      :diamond: Learn different playstyle if I get deep with my stake or just leave table @ >150 bb
      :diamond: Postflop-betsizes rework ... I need at least one lik 35 % as well
      :diamond: Bet mulitway pot with weak-to-middle-made-hands if all of them just limped and/or if there is not action and all of them are folding
      :diamond: CBet less if OOP ... specially don't if I have crap
      :diamond: Be more carefull vs riverbets, 3-barrels and big- or overbets => both are really strong @ micros and are probably no bluff

      And some big subjects that I need to disassemble:
      :heart: OR-Ranges
      :heart: 3bet-Ranges after OR
      :heart: Call Ranges after OR
      :heart: 5Bet Ranges
      :heart: Learn "The Baluga Theorem"
      :heart: Stats: How many hands I need to use stats? And what does the stats mean? What are good and bad values for that stats?
      :heart: Beginnermistakes by la55i

      All in all I need the most important things are to get better in the preflop-ranges. As well I need to steal more for auto-profit and take more pots if there is no action. I need to do less cbets oop and make sure that I will use the stats in the correct way.

      As well I gain a possiblity to write my coach if I have any questions or even if I start tilting. This is awesome for me because I know I will have situations like this as anyone have them. So this is a thing that I feel really good about! :f_love:

      @the end I have to give some feedback to my coach! <-ToDo - ToDo
    • bigdog63
      Joined: 24.10.2011 Posts: 396
      Sounds good. Keep up the good work. La55i is a cool coach.
    • trombini
      Joined: 18.06.2008 Posts: 2,614

      WP. I need to improve my english too. My sugestion is streaming a few sessions and chat to community about poker, etc.

    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,362
      yeah, this HUD is enormous. i'd recommend removing the text as soon as you can, and you'll probably just change a few stats with experience - if you can't remember what a stat is, it's most likely not important.
      also not a fan of AF by street at your stakes, since you most likely won't get even a 1000 hand sample on an opponents, so it's very easy to be misled by things such as "AF 10" which most of the time just won't be true.
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      @bigdog: :f_thumbsup:

      @trombini: Maybe some day I will just record commenting some workout or some session and put it to my blog-. :f_pleased:

      @tomaloc: Actually I did the first steps of what you said: I reduced my HUD by throwing out the specific-street-AFs and deleted some of the descriptions:

      Preflop: OR/OL-Ranges
      I started learning my OR-Ranges which are the following:

      UTG - 13,9%:

      MP - 18,9%:

      CO - 27,9%:

      BTN 47,5%:

      SB - 36,7%:

      SB OpenLimp - 33,5%:

      Right now I learn that ranges by just watching seem and than hidding and rebuilding them in flopzilla. Than I compare them and restart. As well I have an excel-sheet (maybe you actually know that) and train that ranges while playing. Sometimes I am not 100% sure and I need to use that excel-sheet while playing which is pretty bad. I really wanna know the pre OR and OL Ranges because I feel a way more comfortable if I do not have to use the sheet. This gives me a way more time focusing on the important things. So if someone knows a great way to learn ranges I would like to know! :f_love: :f_love:

      As well I need to actually know why I OL! <- ToDo ToDo
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      So there we go ... first week done. I played a way to less but got a great result:

      Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge

      Week 1 Results:
      Start Bankroll: 125,22 $
      Current Bankroll: 139,47 $
      1st Target Bankroll: 1000,00 $
      Played Hands: 2104
      1st Week-Difference in BB: + 441

      My post in "Get Rich or Die Trying'-Post": here!
    • bigdog63
      Joined: 24.10.2011 Posts: 396
      Thanks for motivating me to restart my blog :f_drink:
    • ImaDoer888
      Joined: 15.06.2017 Posts: 135
      good Luck man
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      @bigdog: Wooooow nice! Thanks to let me hear that! :f_love: :f_drink: :f_drink:

      @ImaDoer: Thanks! You too! :f_drink:

      Common Mistakes Most Beginners Do

      So i did another part of my homework and watched the video of la55i here!
      I did not wrote down everything - just the things that are new for me or things that I already know but need to implement a way more. Sometimes I like to repeat things again and again .... because like this I am able to add more connections between knowing things and having reasons and repeats for it. So:

      :club: don't use stats to early: I need at least 100 hands to see the right tendency of VPIP and PFR but the actually right value is calculated after 200 hands. To use 3bet, cbet (flop) and the fold-cbet (flop) I need 500+ hands. And to use WTSDm WSDm AFq as well as the Turn and River stats I should gathered 1k+ hands.
      :club: don't use stats wrong: I need to compare stats to the the whole story. One stat at it's own it an missinterpretation in many times!
      :club: take more notes: I need to take more notes because this will create the habit of looking what other players do (which is really important). As well I have to train making notes to get faster with it and learn how to write them short. Notes are often made after some less hundert of hands while stats need a way longer.
      :club: don't chase unprofitable draws: learn how to see the implied and reverse implied odds!
      :club: don't cbet crap: I should bet 10 up to 15 % less if I am OOP. As well I always have to check the board-structure and compare it with the range that villian could have. Also I need to avoid cbetting more often in a 3bet pot. In a 3bet-pot -> yes there is more money to win -> but actually I need to invest more as well to get it ... so there is no point (that I know right now) why I should have a different cbet behavior in a 3bet and non3bet-pot!
      :club: don't slow play -> specially in the micros that is not usefull: Just go straight forward!
      :club: balance study- and practice-time: I need to make sure to practice the things that I study. Other way I won't be able to get an advantage of what I studied ... because I just study to improve my practice-time!

      So all in all thanks @ la55i for that video! :f_love:

      Getting the best in one thing
      So I read on in the book "How I Made My First Million from Poker" and found something really cool that I want to implement into my learning-process:

      Get the best player in you limit in one specific thing! In my case I want to start with being the best in Pre-Flop-Ranges @ my micro-limit that I play. So I will learn everything about Pre-Flop-Ranges here to be the expert here and to be able to beat my opponents in that specific part. If I am done with it ... an probably this will take a long time ... I will take the next subject. The subjects also can be something like "BTN vs SB Play", or multiway pots, or betsizings, .... For me it is really cool to get really good in one thing and I really like to start learning things like this. However for sure it is important to know all basic things in other subjects ... but I will try to beat all of my opponents in Pre-Flop-Ranges! :pcuser:

      So after learning ranges by visualization on flopzilla I complete this now by being able to tell it in the written form. So here's my first workout. If you mention that I have a "crazy" art of writting down my ranges: Its is because like this I can remember them in a better way ... because this is how I play the Ranges and its more like the pre-learned visualized version:

      You can see me as a ghost in the background. :coolface: :coolface: :coolface:
    • Klausen16
      Joined: 12.04.2013 Posts: 370
      In the following you can see my planned bankrollmanagement. Yes it is probably useless to think about the bankrollmanagement @ nl 25 and higher but most of the time I try to do things to the end. So because of this I did the full BRM. Anyway I like to have a lots of BuyIns in my bankroll to make sure that I feel confident and I want to avoid going up stakes as much as possible. So for me I better take some more needed BuyIns before going up to be a little bit more stable @ that next limit. :f_thumbsup:

      I also put in a SecureRange by 10 BIs. In the "Get Rich or Die Tryin' - The Bankroll Challenge" I will go through NL2, NL5 and NL10. :f_cool:
      Maybe I will adjust that BRM but for now I am fine with that.

      I also could get into a Skype-Group with 3 other guys (NL5, NL10 and NL25). I am really happy to have a group discussing different things with the same people. :f_love:
      Yesterday after Lemons Mindset Stream I directly started to see a session of the NL10 player playing zoom. We also talked about different things and he showed how he plays a session and we talked about the HUD, learning-practice-balance, some hands, ...
      So lets see how that will evolve - I am excited about it and look forward! :f_love: :f_drink:
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