Some questions about the 50$ bonus.

I made an account at, but didn't get the bonus because of the link i got the soft from. Already having accounts on other platforms, I had to make an account at

Don't have anything against it, great site, but I would like to transfer in the future back to pokerstars.

The questions sound like this:
1. Is there a way (i know it sounds silly, just need to get it out :) ) to transfer the bonus to another platform?
2. How long do i need to play for the money in the cashier to be all mine so that i can transfer them myself?
3. What happens let's say if i play for more than the given time for the bonus and by that time I have 70$? Is the 50$ going away and I'm left with the estra 20$? Is there no time limit? Or an suitable explanation.

I'm playing 0.05/0.10 SSS at 4 tables.

And another thing. I say a progress bar in there, and it says I'll get some bonus money when reaching certain points: 12.5$, 25 .... 100$. It's that for real?

I just need some pointers so that I know how much time to invest so that i can get the 50$ ot the extra bonus.

Thanks in advance