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My idiotic first steps ! how not to do guide !!

    • schafro
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 6
      Hi my name is Daniel and I found out about this web page about 5 months ago.At the time I just learned how to play texas hold'em and I was getting interested into the game a lot.So I joined pokerstrategy passed the quiz but becouse I don't have an ID (my mom washed it like 6 months ago and I still haven't got a new one-I'm an idiot I know !!) I was unable to get my 50 $ so that I can start playing online.In the past 5 months I was playing some home games and I was a break even player , but recently I found out a promotion and got 8 $ no deposit free money plus some entry to turneys.I cashed two of the turneys making my bankroll to 40 $ in a single day so I started playing micro cash games 1c-2c nolimit and I was going up and down for a few days.Then becouse I don't realy know to play good and I was trying to apply a strategy I've learned online I was getting into a down swing.After that I went on complete tilt !!! Lost all my bankrool playing out side of my bankroll mangment rulz in single hour !! (played 10NL ).I hope that there are people out here who went the same way and snaped out of it (going on tilt , playing out side of bankroll)or more expirienced players that are willing to answer some questions!
      1.I'm geting 10 $ free no deposit soon ! Should I play 0.10 +0.02 $ SnG or play as a nit in the 2NL game.
      2.How much does a winning player gets playing at this stakes?
      3.In NL there are a lot of players playing realy bad (limping every hand) and they make me play bad too becouse I want to get them and than I start playing all kind of bad hands.How do you avoid this?
      4.Pros and cons of Full ring vs 6 max?
      5.I didn't get the 50 $ from pokerstartegy , can I still post hands on the forum and get reviews on stats and that kind of stuff?
      6.Is there a chance to find a coach for free? (I'm a student , I' not working and I'm living in a low standard country with around 300$ monthly wage
      so I can't aford to invest in coaching or a bankrool)

      I would be gratefull is you answare this question for me, and I hope I'll start play solid poker soon.Read you all.
      p.s My writing skills are poor but I'll try to improve !
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    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      You didn't say where you actually play. This information is important to be able to give you some advices. Although in general all micro limits are quite weak.

      1) You should have at least 50 buyins at the beginning. $10 is just 10BI since many platforms have lowest BI $1. According to that you should start with at least NL4 and only 10BI which is gambling(that's not the best option but if you're not willing to deposit yourself then that's the only option). NL2 has much more maniacs so I actually advise playing NL4 over NL2.
      I'm not sure how much theory knowledge about poker you've got but you should read some articles first.

      2) Don't think "How much am I going to win?" - that's wrong. I know you don't think it is but trust me we all had to go through that phase - "If I earn so much, then in 3 months I can earn that much, after a year I'll be able to withdraw and buy this and that" (not literally but more or less). The main goal should be to IMPROVE your game (learn the basics and write things down, remember your mistakes and learn from them, read others blogs and learn from others when they're making mistakes, like a sponge - absorbe everything and remeber only what you think is important; in the beginning believe what more experienced players tell/advise you, when you reach some level you'll be able to evaluate your game yourself).

      3) Be disciplined! Play one table and then gradually (when you feel confident enough) open new tables. Be focused on other players and wait for good hands to punish their bad play - don't tilt when they suck out, this is poker. I can't emphasize enough how important discipline really is - write down which hands are you going to play and stick to it. Resist the temptation when you see donkey doubling up several times - this kind of players play this limit for ever and your goal should be to make progress.

      4) 6 max is not appropriate for someone who starts playing poker. First of all you must buyin fullstack which isn't possible considering your bankroll. Also 6max game requires more postflop skills, deeper understanding of the game and thousands and thousands of played hands - in one word self-confidence (which comes after beating bad players and not only that but also knowing why, when were they beat and how would you play if they played it some other way).
      Start with fullring since you'll be able to see many more hands from other players and you won't have to play as many hands as you should in 6max.

      5) I'm not sure I would say you can.

      6) I can't be your coach but I can help you as much as I can and when I find some free time. I was (as many pokerstrategists of course) in your shoes few years ago and I understand how you feel so I'm willing to help you. My advices aren't free of course - let's make a deal: if you reach $1000 and you feel I helped you with your game, then and just then you are obliged to pay me $33,3. I think it's a fair offer :D

      Good luck with your career and don't be shy asking anything, here are some very friendly people who are willing to help you improving your game.

      PS: Read PM.
    • AussieIan
      Joined: 10.12.2007 Posts: 366
      1. which do you enjoy what you enjoy
      2. dont focus on win rates, focus on learning and improving your game
      3. read the psychology articles available to you on here
      4. stick with full ring while your learning...6-max is looser and more swingy
      5. of course, post away and let the hand judges help you out...also, once you have id, check with support and see if you can still get your start up never know
      6. there are 'sweat sessions' where people get together and talk strategy over skype while playing, check the strategy forums for more details.

      Hope that helps.
    • schafro
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 6
      First of all thx for posting a reply ! I can use all the help I can get at the moment. I play in a poker client on the Ipoker network (don't know If I should mention names ) but It shares player and I recently seen that players that play at mansion play on this client too.I got hold of holdem maneger (don't ask how!! :) ) so maybee I can use some data from this forum but I don't think so many of them play 2NL.About the poker theory !! Well I know some basic things like out , pot odds , 3 betting , but consider me as a noob !! yaxkukmian I can use any help you are willing to provide and I'll dubble the offer and give u 66,66 $ when I get to a 1K bankroll !! :) I'm having trouble to find the PM from you I've accepted your friend request but I don't know if the pm is on the forum or in my profile.So I'll start learning how to use the hand converter and post some of the hands I've played so you could tell me what I already know ( I'm a donk !!!
      One more question should I post hand in this treat or in other part of teh forum ??
      Thx again for the help !!
    • Berzerger
      Joined: 24.03.2008 Posts: 910
      Originally posted by schafro
      3.In NL there are a lot of players playing realy bad (limping every hand) and they make me play bad too becouse I want to get them and than I start playing all kind of bad hands.How do you avoid this?
      I highlighted the parts that seem problematic. Poker is not about your opponents, it's about you. Many beginning players don't realize this and therefore lose a lot of money. All expert players share one thing in common: they only invest money if they see profit for themselves. What other players do, and how much they win/lose shouldn't bother you at all. Don't ever play to "get your revenge" on some player, just because he plays worse than you doesn't mean you'll get profit just by sitting at the same table with him. Remember, your profit comes from putting your money in with the best hand, and marginal hands have way less chance to become winning hands.

      Also, a good thing to keep in mind is that people on lower limits tend to both bluff and call you down more. This means that your good hands will get called more often by worse hands just because your opponent thinks "maybe it's a bluff". It also means that your bluffs usually won't work, so you should bluff less often and as cheaply as possible. Don't ever bluff for your entire stack on microlimits.

      Posting your hands for review is a good way to improve your game. Here are the links to fora where you can post sample hands, depending on what you decide to play (SSS, BSS or SnG):

      Short stack strategy hand evaluation forum

      Big stack strategy hand evaluation forum

      Sit 'n' go hand evaluation forum

      Be sure to read the guide for posting sample hands!
    • schafro
      Joined: 02.02.2009 Posts: 6
      Berzerger thx for the info but I can't post there becouse I don't have a bronze status.To bad !! It was going to help me a lot.But never mind I'll use all the info that I can get !!!