SSS bluff?

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      Hello guys

      I'm right now playing by the SSS BASIC articles (so, i'm not applying the pot odds concepts presented on the BRONZE pages - YET)

      Whatever, i just have a doubt about one thing on that strategy:

      If i hit nothing on the flop and i'm facing only one opponent, i should bet as a bluff (and check/fold to his calls/raises). Well, the article also says that i must bet 2/3 of the pot and, if it's more than half od my stack, i should go directly all-in.

      Should I really go all-in as a bluff? :baby: (since i'm a shortstacker, most of the time 2/3 of the pot is more than half of my stack)

      Please, don't come to me with tips like "i would do that if the player is tight/loose blablabla" or that stuff. I'm just trying to use this strategy and i wanna know the right decision on that situation ACCORDING TO SHORTSTACK STRATEGY.

      And please, don't blame me for my poor english :D I'm a foreigner speaker

      Thanks ppl! And long life to lol I love this site :f_biggrin:
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