I Just Doubled Up!

    • Justin37
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      Thanks 2 PokerStrategy! I just doubled Up to $100 with over 150 FPPoints.

      Playing only 10 - 40mins in a day. Sometimes, dont play at all.

      I received my starting capital and started playing NL 0.10/0.25 and 0.05/0.10 cash game. Based on the Bankroll Management, i should ONLY play 0.05/0.10, however i found it very slow to increase my bankroll.

      I managed to double up to US$100.
      Found out TT/JJ/QQ are almost useless :)
      I Played with AA/KK/AK only.

      Kinda feel bad when other players called me Mr. ShortStack, since i'm using short stack strategy to play with $5. (I learned this strategy from this site :) Should i argue with them?
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