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Ready to quit - when is it time?

    • feedfest
      Joined: 13.06.2009 Posts: 119
      Hey hey, first of all, I am a player who has studied the game a lot. I started out fairly well when I did not know any theory and made a nice bankroll.

      Since I have started learning here, I am getting killed by NL 10 cash games. If not for the bonuses at Fulltilt, I'd be nearly broke.

      I watch videos here, do hand evaluations and work on the math. I am learning proper bet sizing, when you have the right odds/implied odds to call and when you should fold.

      Watching the videos, I often see the instructors call all in with TPTK and win. I also see them lay this down a lot. My single biggest leak is TPTK or OP vs. sets. Everytime I bet/call down, I lose to a set and am often stacked.

      How can this flaw be fixed? I have a terrible EV of -$70 on NL 10 over many many hands. It is very odd because before I "knew what i was doing" my EV was high and I didn't seem to get into trouble.

      Basically, I am losing every big hand and winning none of them.
      Anyone have some advice before I pack it in?

      Thanks a lot!
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    • Kimber88
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 1,333
      How many hands is that?

      Maybe post some stats/graphs. I'm sure some people in here can get something out of that.

      Also what strategy you play, BSS/SSS and so on.

      If you play strictly according to the strategies suggested here on PS you should be able to beat NL10. Make sure you don't play starting hands that are not in the charts no matter how good you think they look for example.

    • feedfest
      Joined: 13.06.2009 Posts: 119
      howdy, not sure how to post graphs yet

      hand count is 32 000 2/3 of which are on NL10, rest on NL 5
      I guess it is hard to receive advice without help

      but here is a nice example:
      NL 10 - set up!

      My VPIP/PFR is 15/8 but this is skewed because it includes many hands from when I was playing slightly more loose and very passive. My VPIP/PFR for August is 14/10
      This is all BSS

      bb/100 is -1.09

      I just cannot figure out why since I have begun to study, I keep making stupid decisions. Perhaps I don't fully understand things and are applying the material incorrectly.
    • feedfest
      Joined: 13.06.2009 Posts: 119
      Other beauties by yours truly:

      Nl 10 - Qq
      NL Crushed
      Nl 10
      NL 10 - ugly

      PS, to anyone commenting, be as frank as you want. Harsh criticism is welcome!
    • feedfest
      Joined: 13.06.2009 Posts: 119
      And here is a fresh one.
      Seriously, I lose every one of these when against a big stack and win every one against a SSS player.

      I forgot to mention, my EV and bb/100 are both very high at pokerstars over the same timespan with about 15 000 hands. I win at stars consistently but lose at Tilt every session for the past month.

      Hand converted with online hand converter:

      Play hand

      $0.05/$0.1 No-Limit Hold'em (7 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is CO with K, K.
      2 folds, MP3 raises to $0.35, Hero raises to $2.00, 3 folds, MP3 raises to $6.15, Hero raises to $6.31, MP3 calls $0.16.

      Flop: ($12.77) 8, Q, 2 (0 players)
      MP3 gets uncalled bet back.

      Turn: ($12.77) 3 (0 players)
      MP3 gets uncalled bet back.

      River: ($12.77) A (0 players)
      MP3 gets uncalled bet back.

      Final Pot: $12.61.
      Results follow:

      Hero shows a pair of kings(K K).
      MP3 shows three of a kind, aces(A A).

      MP3 wins with three of a kind, aces(A A).
    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      On the topic of losing with TPTK, watch the players,

      a- very tight players mostly limp pp and slowplay their sets. Be wary when they call your cbet. Specially if they don't float much.
      b- very loose players can limp any 2 and call with draws, and bet when they hit 2pair+ to protect against a better 2pair.

      - AK hand, raise 4BB pf and cbet flop. When he calls flop, check and see if he is tight(a). Is he calling with a FD, or FD+SD? Is he calling a worse K? Or is he slowplaying a monster? Either way, its very hard to get out of this hand on such a drawy board. Personally I try not to make a big pot with TP when Im oop unless hes a station.
      - KK vs AA is standard, go broke every time there unless you are like 100% sure he has AA.

      Hope this helps.
    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      Ahhh the dreaded TP/OP play... k I struggled with this a lot too.

      C/r turn means your beat.... 90% of the time. Just fold every time to start with... then start to reanalyze from that point on.