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Yo, Cloudas introducing!

    • Cloudas
      Joined: 13.08.2009 Posts: 17
      --Wall of text warning--

      Well been here for a while but might aswell introduce!
      I'm from Lithuania, people know me as Cloudas since the dawn of the interwebs surfing for me, so i'll leave the name at that.
      Im a student from Vilnius, studying Automation and Control, engineering stuff.

      After quitting WoW (World of Warcraft), i've been looking for a new hobby ever since, a couple of my friends are playing some poker, and i gave it a try this summer. Quit shortly after, took me 2 days to say to hell with it, even though i read all the books and articles i could be bothered to beforehand, but you learn by playing not reading;) .

      End of August i registered to pokerstrategy to give it a go again, this time for "free" money, which this awesome site provides as a promotion. I've read SSS, passed the quiz and thought it was a lot of bollocks (didn't think its the right way to go, even though it works).
      Started out by playing full stack with no experience at all, 2 hours later i had almost lost all the 50 bucks, tilted, pushed all in, bang both won, so my bankroll wasnt burnt completely by fate. Stood up went outside thought it over in me head and told myself im gonna give SSS a go and make it work.
      To my surprise SSS wasn't all that ABC poker afterall, took quite some hands, a lot of learning from my own mistakes, reading articles, books, forum posts. Battling with tilting, inpatience and all that good stuff.

      By now i feel a lot more comfortable at the tables, still lot to be learned but on the way to beating them penny tables :) . After round 50k maybe more hands my bankroll is round the 100$ mark so making steady progress, soon nl25 perhaps, or maybe i'll swing it down again, doesn't matter, its poker, but in the long run i'll come out on top, i believe.

      Ambitions: for now, my biggest wish in poker would be to climb up to nl50 before summer, so i could grind away like mad, hunt some bonuses and aim for my little dream at the moment: a trip to mexico as (Aztec temples must see kk :] )

      To wrap this up, i want to say a big >Thank You< to pokerstrategy, i wouldn't be playing poker if it weren't for you. The articles are great, coaching sessions are great and the forums offer a great share of help.

      Hopefully with time i'll be able to contribute my share to the site, see you at the tables!

      (Probably this post doesn't even look like an introductionary one, but felt like writing all this somewhere, so my apologies if it were out of line, care police arrested me a while back so no probs)
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    • Jackalof
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 1,462
      Wicked intro, keep it up and don't forget to update this later with the pictures from Mexico :f_biggrin:

      Automation and Control - VGTU, ane?
    • Cloudas
      Joined: 13.08.2009 Posts: 17
      yep, VGTU
    • kingdippy2008
      Joined: 30.08.2008 Posts: 2,107
      Hi Cloudas,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy and the Forums!

      We have lots to offer you here, ranging from the starting capital and strategy guides through to free live coaching sessions, strategy videos and sample hands forums. They all help you to develop your game and to give you the best possible chance of playing profitable poker.
      Take your time to browse the various different benefits of your free membership here.

      We also have a very active and friendly community here with lots of hugely experienced members who are keen to pass on their thoughts, expertise and experience to fellow members.

      All in all, I think you will like it here and we all wish you every success and enjoyment in your poker. Look forward to seeing you active within the forums in due course.

      Good luck & best regards,