How to continue?

    • Donyc3
      Joined: 12.08.2006 Posts: 79
      Hey guys, I surprisingly won a bonus of 935 $ of partypoker.

      I increased my bankroll before from starting 50$ to 100$.

      My question is how to continue now.

      1. Should I cash out the won amount and continue playing like before to beat all limits?

      2.Should I keep it as a mega bankroll boost and continue playing on at least 0.5/1 or 1/2?

      3. Should I cash out just half the amount (or a bit more) and just go up 1 limit, so I will definetely enough to continue playing 0.5/1 limit after my beginner time has ended?

      thanks for ur advice
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    • zaephyr
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      Firstly grats :D

      Well i would go play 0.5/1 cuz difference is very small between .5/1 and nanolimits, then get some BB (lets say 100) and climb up if i would feel conftorable, and repeat this till you reach limit proper to your bankroll size.
    • LastEmu
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      Congrats man, that's awesome :)

      I suggest cashing out a hundred for yourself, and having a good night :P After you've treated yourself, keep working the same way you do, just use it as a big cushion. Cash a lot of it to Neteller//firepay, so you can redeposit and get a bigger bonus when they offer reloads. Experience is first priority. Korn said it best: "wealthy beginners should not think in cents, but rather points of success"
    • Kugelfang
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      im also of the opinion that there is not much diffrence between 25c50c or whatever you play right now and 0.5/1 because 0.5/1 is the smallest limit available after beginners time. there are a lot of bad player.
      i would prefer zaephyrs way