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TAF Account Locked Without Any Explanation

    • DrLightman
      Joined: 15.08.2009 Posts: 10
      Hello, I've Write it thousands of times on the forum, I have created thousands of tickets but no answer, No explanation.

      All I know is that my TAF privileges, and my TAF Balance, has been freezed. I can't cashout money, that I accumulated reffering friends. All I what to know is WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

      You ara asking your members to reffer their friends and offer an incentives. How can I reffer my friends, if you block my account without any explanations. I stated thousands of times that I'm ready to co-operate with you, send you any kind of documents, passport, bank account detailes, community bill but no answer.

      You think that's normal? You think treating your members this way is right? What do you expect from your members now? Do you think they'll continue reffering their friends?

      Why should they do it, if at any moment, without any explanations, you can block their account. Not answering on their single question.

      Shame on you, pokerstrategy. :f_mad: :s_mad:
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    • Jackalof
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 1,462
      Usually this means you violated something.

      "multiple complaints of users that you approached them unasked with a clearly commercial poker affiliate offer.

      This is a clear violation of our T&C and harms the interests of our company & our community."

      Maybe this? I doubt they blocked your account without any reason, but, on the other hand, you should have been informed about that. Strange.

      GL sorting this out.
    • Hadi
      Joined: 09.08.2009 Posts: 12,303
      Hi DrLightman,

      the reasons for closing the TAF-option on your account have been given to you via ticket. Unfortunately, we can't go into detail when it comes to the security procedures on this matter.

      I'd recommend you get in touch with Customer Support again and see what they can do - I will also try and inform them about your thread here and we'll try and get this done soon :)

    • DrLightman
      Joined: 15.08.2009 Posts: 10
      Thank You HADI very much. I hope everything will soon be clear. Thank you once more :)