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Limp Reraise against Aggressive players??

    • txfoyochipz
      Joined: 13.07.2009 Posts: 32
      Hi all

      I just lost 3 tourneys by limp reraising allin while Heads Up. Even though I had the best hand every time, I am starting to question my play. The thing is, I am doing it with hands like A8s, KQ, A10 and I keep losing to hands like QJ, J10, K8s and so on.

      I tend to make this play ONLY when I am playing very aggressive opponents, that raise every time I limp and call every time I raise. There are a couple of reasons why I do it:

      1: I believe I have some fold equity if hes stealing with nothing and so I can easily pick up some extra chips.
      2: I believe my hand is best. If it goes to showdown I am in front most of the time.
      3: I dont like to play a big pot out of position with a hand like A8 or get outplayed post-flop. (This happens when I raise 3xblind or something)
      4: I want to punish his over-aggression and let him know I am limping with big hands.
      5: I want to get value from my good hand. (Don't get me wrong, I am trapping him. I think he will fold to a push. If I think hes calling a push with crap I'm definately pushing.)

      A couple reasons for pushing instead of limp reraising:

      1: Im not giving him a free look at a flop where he can outflop me if he decides not to raise.
      2: I can pick up his blind with no contest.
      3: I am giving him worse pot-odds to call.

      I like my play when it works, it just pisses me off when i loose to some donkey who pot-commits himself with J8 and wins.

      Anyway I was wondering if other players use this tactic as well against fishy players and should I keep doing it.

      Kind regards

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    • GunFlavoured
      Joined: 19.10.2008 Posts: 626
      Trapping can be useful against aggressive players but keep in mind the stack sizes and blinds. Also, generally the fishiest players are too tight/passive HU so LAG players are generally harder to play against. Also, if you want to try trapping/slow playing expect a few suckouts since you're intention is to see a showdown vs worse cards.
    • noclaninator
      Joined: 01.12.2008 Posts: 312
      In my opinion, trapping in heads up is HORRIBLE!

      Let's assume the effective stack is 20bb. You have A8o and you complete, which causes an aggressive opponent to raise you to 4bb with about say top 60% of hands, you go all in and he calls.

      A8o versus this range has 56% equity (a definite edge) which will profit you (0.56)(40bb) - 20bb = 2.4bb. Impressive.

      Now assume you play the aggressive way by raising to 3bb preflop. Also assume a 10% bb ante. Your raise will win the pot preflop 90% of the time for an average profit of about (0.9)(1.7bb) - (0.1)(3bb) = about 1.2bb. Notice your fancy trappy play is really not that much better than just raising the blinds.

      In order for the trappy play to get good you have to do it with hands that have more than a 5% edge. I would say something like AK, 99+ are good trapping hands. Of course you have to balance if you trap which means limping in with J8s and stuff. This is still a bad plan though, since if you just play aggressive you can "trap" them that way. Imagine you raise about 60% of hands from the button (planning to go broke with top 25%). If you have AA you WILL get action. Assuming good play he will put you all in about a third of the time. Furthermore, your raises are now stronger (since you could be raising with big pairs too)

      I guess what I'm trying to say is, with a trapping scheme you usually give up too much information. If you trap with all your good hands and raise with all your mediocre hands, you are giving away way way WAYYYY too much information. If you have AA, your opponent should have no right to find out that you have AA until the cards are turned face up. Same with A8 offsuit.

      Here is some more food for thought about being aggressive. In heads up (again assuming 20bb) you can profitably and unexploitably GO BROKE with the following hands: A2+, K7s+, K9o+, Q8s+, QT+, 22+ (top 28% of hands). Q8 suited is a much better hand than it looks.

      So in conclusion, I wouldn't even trap. Save the trapping for extreme scenarios (eg full ring game with AA, a player raising 90% of hands, this is a good time to limp in). Hold'em is a raising game.