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      I guess it's still too early to call this a success, but in the 3 days since I got Elephant, began applying a lot of advice and stuff I've read in the forum, and went to that live coaching on Sunday, my winnings in NL2 have skyrocketed to 150BB/100h. I don't know if that's sustainable and don't have a firm basis for comparison since I didn't have elephant before, but in money terms I've made 3 to 4 times more per day than my average day before. And this has been playing 1/2 to 1/3 of the tables I was playing before, so my winnings per table are like 10 times or more then before so far. I guess we'll need to see after an entire month or so to find out if I'm not just running hot.

      Changes implemented :
      - Tables reduced from 12-15 to 5-6 at a time
      - Began taking careful notes of each player and made a "fish" list
      - Look for fish I'm playing (unfortunately most seem to only play one table only, lose their money and leave)
      - Began making some selected c bets, after not making any as of late when I didn't hit anything
      - Began staying in more pots where I thought the other player was bluffing/c betting without having hit anything and/or having the best hand, instead of before where I was avoiding pots where I didn't hit anything
      - Began creating better pots for hands where I think I'm ahead

      For these last two I'd like to give special thanks to the coaching last Sunday, seeing him how he played really gave me some insight about stuff I was doing wrong on cash tables
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