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using stats for leakspotting

    • bradomurder
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,385
      Hi there.

      I've been a tournament player for I guess 2 years now (winning for about the last half) with the odd dabble in cash games. I can seem to beat HU cash games, deepstacked and can win playing SSS. but I just cant seem to crack the FR deepstacked games.

      I've only got stats for 3000 hands Deepstacked (but i've played more and been close to breakeven) and here they are:

      VP = 11.8
      PFR = 8.0
      3BET = 3.5
      CBETFlop = 82
      CBETTurn = 40
      FLOPFOLDvsCBET = 62
      AGG = 2.96
      WTSD = 28
      W$SD = 50.6

      I'm not sure if this is enough for anyone to spot a big leak but any help would be appreciated. I'll start posting hands too and see how it goes

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    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,795
      Loosen up more to about 14/11 and maybe even more when you get better. If games get tighter you should loosen up more, if not just loosen up from CO/BU. Add more suited connectors/suited one gappers/suited aces to your range at all positions.

      3betting % is too low as well but if fishes always give action to your monsters then it's fine. If not start looking for people who fold often to 3bets and 3bet them in position with crap like A2o/KXs/QXs

      Cbet flop is high but i also have a similar stat. As long as people fold to you you can continue. Don't cbet on wet boards vs calling stations and aggressive ppl who like to float or bluffraise.

      Cbet turn is perfect at 40% for lowstakes but 50% would be better at higher limits cause we want to barrel other ppl out of their weak hands.

      Your WTSD is too high. You are not making good folds and are going to showdown way too often with perhaps onepair type of hands.