poker strategy says:

Clear the $200 bonus by collecting Summit Points. For every point you collect you receive $0.07 of the bonus.

I emailed Everest Poker yesterday and this is what they said to me:

As you play poker for real money, you earn Summit Points. We convert
your Bonus Dollars into cash based upon the number of Summit Points you
earn at a rate of $0.06 per Summit Point, not $0.07.
For example, let's say you are playing in a $2/$2 No Limit real money
ring game. After playing for a while, you leave the table. Over the
course of play, you earned 100 Summit Points. When you leave the table,
we convert $6 of your bonus into cash and credit it directly to your
real money balance. In addition, you keep the Summit Points to use as
you wish.

The thing is that i actually get even less than 0.06, last time i collected 15Sp and got the message "Congratulations! You've earned $0.30 of
your available bonus. This amount has been added to your real money''