Affiliate question

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    • lessthanthreee
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      usually when you become a bronze member, it means everything is a-ok. :)
    • MJQuads
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      I became bronze quite some time ago, when I registered at Pokerstars through I only registered at FTP yesterday, played a bit, but even the ps points haven't been updated yet, so I don't know if everything is as it should be...
    • HannesZ
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      Hi Jkob,

      in the next days you should receive StrategyPoints if you have registered successfully through

      If you need an answer as soon as possible please get in contact with the Full Tilt Poker support:

      Best regards,
    • Joronamo
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      Easiest way to check is to start playing and see if FTP appears under your portal (PS homepage) with strategy points next to it. As Hannes said, contact support and open a ticket for any further queries.
    • MJQuads
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      well I think my Pokerstars points updated today. I checked under that chart where it shows how many points you gathered in the last 42 days or something. But I also played on FTP yesterday, but at the FTP chart it still says only "600$ Bonus + Rakeback" instead of showing points...

      It is like this:

      The Pokerstars points have changed, but FTP remains like that...
    • AlcopopDK
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      when i registered at FTP it took a couple of days to update strategy points. if u registered following instructions on PS everything should be OK :) if youre unsure wether u did it right contact support as the other guys says !

      GL on FTP anyways !