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NEED HELP! NL5 SH Rush Poker stats

    • iunctim
      Joined: 29.07.2007 Posts: 817

      I played over 21k hand at ftp rush poker

      I would be appreciate if someone could help me to eliminate my major leaks if its possible base on those informations and improve my game

      thx in advance
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    • pokerafterdark
      Joined: 02.09.2008 Posts: 187
      pretty small sample size.
      Well i can see you defend your SB alot, i think u should 3bet more instead of calling to be the pre flop agres.
      I quess since players on this limit are quite bad u should be raising more broadway instead of suited connecters type hands in the blinds vs steals guessin they call 3bets lighter on these stakes.
      i would play looser on the button if you feel comfortable enough to play post flop.
      maybe that could be something to improve on turn and river play.
      maybe you could c-bet a little more to 70% but not sure for nl5 becuase so many calling station could be why the c-bet is so low.

      im not a fan of rush poker i think its quicker and less variance to play just normal 6m to build up reads and to improve against player types. in rush poker you play so many different players its hard to build a read.

      --> "Try not to become a man of sucess, but rather try to become a man of value." <--
    • pokerafterdark
      Joined: 02.09.2008 Posts: 187
      keep your vpip closer to your pfr stats. so your raise most of the pots you play!

      hope ive been so help to you.
    • monkey0nfire
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 256
      I play the exact same limits as you, and prob come against u many times :) !
      I play 4-tabled so it stops making any stupid mistakes and keeps the brain constantly on the go..constantly concentrating..
      methinks ur pfr and vpip stats should b closer, look to go into pots as the aggressor, but then again balance it out so ur not forever forcing money into pots.
      (imho) play very loose on the button with no previous action.. 1-gappers (97o...24s etc)..
      I havnt played too much rush SH..only started due to this promo (primarily SH tourney player) so I hope you can take something from my advice, but then again take it with a grain of salt as i too dont have much experience...probly ~5k hands...

      Peace and good luck rushing...!!
      see u at the tables! :f_biggrin: