Unknown Backing man wtf??

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      Hey folks,

      Something weird happened to me while I was playing.
      A guy started to talk to me, asking if I was pro or just playing for fun etc and asked for my skype address.
      He said that he had something to talk to me about. Before giving him anything I asked him what he was about.

      He said he is a backing man looking to get a team rolling. He said that the deal would be that I would play with his money and I get 60% of the profit and he would get 40%.

      Anyway, just wanted to know if any of you knew something about that kind of stuff.
      It feels like a big scam (why would he get players on NL20?, why me etc...) but I wouldnt miss a chance like that if you see what I mean.

      He said that a friend of his that plays NL400 is going to check my (and of other people) Hand history to check how I am playing.

      Anyway that is fecking weird so I would appreciate any advices on this.
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