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[NL2-NL10] Hand Evaluation Boards - What you need to know

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    • Timo
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 522
      What is the PokerHand Converter?

      In order to make it easier to read hand histories we have developed the PokerHand Converter
      which converts your hand histories into an easily readable format.

      This web-based hand converter understands the hand histories of most large poker room and saves you the
      hassle of having to work with multiple small programs. With the PokerHand Converter you can easily:
      • Convert hand histories into forum format in order to have your hands analysed in the sample hand forums.
      • Exchange your hands with friends using messengers such as Skype or ICQ.
      • Store your hands in an online database which you can access from anywhere in the world.
      • Replay your hands using the integrated hand replayer[/B]

      You can find the PokerHand Converter HERE

      The PokerHand Converter supports

      Take advantage of our hand evaluation forums and post your hands in the forum right after converting them!
      There is no better way of improving and fixing leaks!

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    • Timo
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 522
      Rules for the Hand Evaluation Forums

      1. Pay attention to the forum's limit and your own member status
      The sample hands forums are a service funded by the entire community. Active members
      of the community are the only ones who should be profiting from this service.

      If you accidently submit a hand in the wrong forum, your post will be moved to the right forum
      (a note will be left telling you where you can now find your post).

      2. Give constructive answers that help users
      This is more of a request than a rule. Include as much constructive content as possible in order to
      create a good discussion, both you and the other members stand to profit.

      3. Include as much information as possible.
      A lot of sample hands are submitted without including any information or even asking a question about
      the hand. Poker is a unique game - you have to adapt to your opponents, as well as a number of other
      factors. It's impossible to say how a hand can be best played when no additional information is included.
      You may fold two cards at one table, and raise with the same two at another - poker isn't in black and white.

      Examples of relevant information to include:
      • Information on your opponents' playing style
      • What happened in previous hands against the same opponent(s)
      • Your image (loose/tight, aggressive/passive) at the table

      Every bit of information helps. The more questions you ask and the more information you include, the better
      the hand evaluators can judge your play and the situation at hand. Tell the hand evaluator where you
      are having difficulties. Include your own thoughts on the hand and on your opponent's hand range. The more
      you give, the more you get back!

      4. Write an informative headline.
      Your headline should include the limit, variation and situation at hand. Here is an example:
      AK Top Pair Top Kicker + Nut flush draw - Turn play

      5. Use a hand converter.
      Nothing is more painstaking and time consuming than trying to piece together the pieces of an unconverted hand.
      You can use the Hand Converter to convert hands from the most popular poker platforms: Poker Hand Converter

      You may have to use a different converter for less popular poker platforms:
      Various handconverter

      6. Do not post more than 3 hands in one thread.
      Please do not include more than 3 hands in a single thread. This saves our hand evaluators a lot of scrolling.

      There's another reason for including as few hands as necessary in your thread: the fewer hands in the thread,
      the more in depth the analysis of each
      hand. The hand evaluators can then spend more time on a single hand and you will probably get more out of the
      analysis for yourself.

      7. Pick your most interesting hands.
      In order to keep the quality standards high, every user should carefully pick their most interesting hands and therefore we restrict the amount of threads to 10 per day in each subforum.

      8. Don't post the hand results.
      You don't need to know how a hand played out to make an objective analysis - knowing the result can even be
      If you do want to include the result, be sure to make it invisible, so that each user can choose whether or not to see it.

      9. Don't expose players' identities.
      Every member has a right to anonymity at the poker table. If you happen to know the member's poker screen name
      as well, always ask for his permission before revealing it.

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    • Timo
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 522
      Special Forum Functions

      [COLOR=darkred][b]How can you see if your hand got evaluated?[/b][/COLOR]

      "evaluated by Name"
      Your hand has already been evaluated by a Handjudge.

      A check mark besides your thread means your hand has already been processed. „evaluated by“ remains as long as a member responds and uses the respond-option "Advise the judge of taking another look at this thread". Afterwards, "evaluated by Name" is going to disappear and the thread will be marked with an exclamation mark. The Handjudge will recognize, that another question came up and will process the thread as soon as possible.

      [COLOR=darkred][b]How to attract a hand judge on a particular Hand?[/b][/COLOR]

      If you have an urgent question or want a handjudge to give a statement about a particular matter, respond by additionally clicking on the responding-option "Advise the judge of taking another look at this thread".

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    • Timo
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 522
      Our Poker Experts

      We wish to support your learning progress by offering detailed and constructive responses to your posted hands. Our professional experts, who are responsible for evaluating your hands will ensure that this service is provided in a timely way - guaranteed.

      Our team of professional poker experts
      The backbone of our team of experts consists of experts that ensure that standards in the timeliness of responses are always met. With their help, none of your questions will remain without an answer. Together with all other poker experts they form a team that guarantees boosting your skills.

      No Limit
      Kaitz20, lilDave, Veriz

      No Limit Midstack

      Sit'n Go's
      Chenny8888, kurrkabin,lessthanthreee

      chenny8888, tiltberger, Asaban

      Fixed Limit


      You can find further details on how to join our team of poker experts here

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    • Timo
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 522
      Become a Poker Expert

      Are you one of the guys who talks Poker in our forum and helps other users to overcome their leaks? You have the chance to improve the weight of your advice by becoming a poker expert in our community.

      What would you need to do? Just one thing:
      In your field of knowledge you are one of many experts who help our members by joining discussion, advising them of the correct play in hands and giving strategy advice to their questions.

      How do I become a voluntary poker expert?
      If you think you have what it takes to become a poker expert, just mail us at Please make sure to link us to some of the posts where you already helped out to enable our professional experts to consider what forums you would be most helpful in.

      What are the benefits?
      • improve your own game by participating in in-depth discussions in the sample hands forums
      • you put your knowledge in words - that further helps you to solidify your game, together with the feedback you receive from others
      • a chance to interact with all of our poker experts in a friendly setting over Skype
      • access to most of our educational offer due to the chance to receive a status update to your original status
    • Timo
      Joined: 08.08.2008 Posts: 522
      Various Handconverter offers you our very own PokerHand Converter

      With support for No-Limit, Fixed Limit and Pot Limit Hold'em Cashgames on PartyPoker,
      PokerStars and FullTilt Poker our PokerHand Converter currently covers the vast majority
      of the hands that are converted.

      However, since you might play another gametype or in another pokerroom, we have prepared a list of the most popular HTML-hand converters you can use to convert hands from poker platforms not supported by the PokerHand Converter.

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