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Strategy for 1$ SNG?

    • XandreW36
      Joined: 05.09.2010 Posts: 197
      Is there any good strategy for 1$ limit SNG on FT? I saw some players playing super-aggressive, and they are doing fine. They are somewhat tighter in early phases, becouse there are lot of calling stations, but they loosen up pretty the end phase they usually have big stack and you don't want to play with them without really good hand... Any advice?
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    • cjheigl
      Joined: 09.04.2006 Posts: 24,902
      I know only of general advice for FL MTTs. I don't know how applicable they are for the 1$ SNG at FT. I never played them. As FL tourneys are not a favorite among many players good advice is scarce to find. Here are some links:

      General advice:

      FL tourney theory revolves about the L, which is the equivalent of the M of NL tourneys. The 2+2 post explains it.

      Some old advice about stealing. The article was written with the live tourneys of the early 1990s in mind:

      Here Lou Krieger writes about the difference of NL and FL tourneys:

      Perhaps the fellows in the SNG forums know something about it.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      If you play very loose and bad opponents, you could play very tightly and still win, but you should do much better if you don't tighten up. Get in there and play a lot of hands. Particularly try to play pots with players who meant to sign up for a NL tournament and now want to dump off their chips by capping every street with 22 unimproved (yes, I have seen that happen and worse plays, and in higher stakes LHE tournaments than $1 SNGs). You don't want to hide from players giving chips away. Their bad play tends to turn your marginal hands into winners.

      Take notes on players since the pool of LHE SNG players is smaller than NLHE SNG players. This means after a while, you will see a lot of familiar faces, including players you know are very bad. You will know how to exploit them if you have notes on how they have played in the past.

      In a tournament, there is a balance between surviving and accumulating chips. This can be studied with tournament equity models like the Independent Chip Model (ICM). My latest PokerStrategy video was on the ICM. The ICM says that in small pots, and with many players left, you are not risk averse, and you should make the plays which gain chips. You are only risk averse later when you get closer to the money and you might lose half of your stack on a pot.
    • Woohoooo
      Joined: 15.08.2009 Posts: 899
      EDIT: thought it was NL first