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Don't worry be (squeeze) happy!

    • Beatlemanic
      Joined: 14.10.2010 Posts: 3,000
      Hello everyone,
      I mean it's cool to have blog, so I'm starting blogging. I'm student from Czech Republic, and as most poker players I've big ego and mean I'm born to be pro and win WSOP twice at least.

      I'm sorry for my bad english. //*Remember to make some joke at this topic here before posting*//

      In this blog, I wanna introducte my style of playing rush poker; it's based on LAG play with lot of squeeze (how you can read in name of this threat), 3-bet light and blind-stealing. Kids, don't try this style at home, you will bust your BR. ;)

      In the beggining, I played poker on Everest for my money (and i won about 200$), but I hate their software so I've cashout and spent the money for a alcohol, girls and fast car. :)

      So I'received a 50$ from and start playing on Full Tilt.

      I play NL10 RUSH. Unexpectedly, with my style of playing, I busted in a few days. Well, playing LAG with 5 BI isn't optimal, but BRM is for the weak and NL5 is a cesspool. :)

      Fortunately, in Friday I get about 3$ from rakeback and I made it about 50$. But variation is a beast, so I busted again.
      In next Friday, the rakeback came, so I made about 50$ again. This period repeated twice, so a four times for all.
      Today is a Sunday, so my BR now is about little more 50$. :)

      O.K., I'm going to post this first part of blog and going to try how to post hands. In a countius, I will tell you how I 5-beted light. :)

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    • Beatlemanic
      Joined: 14.10.2010 Posts: 3,000
      Hello again,
      there is the 5-bet:

      (I don't know how to export hand from HH to this threat so I made it handly.)

      NL 10 rush.

      Hero is a BTN.
      Villian is a CO. He's a good, winning player; I've seen him sometimes before.

      Deal to hero: A :heart: 2 :diamond:

      CO raise to 0.3 $.
      On SB and BB is a fishes with about 5$ stack each.
      I mean Villian's range is very loose, becouse on blinds are fishes.
      Hero raise to 0.9$.
      Blinds fold.
      Villian insta click-raise me. It's a raise type "I-have-a-monster-so-I-raise-small"
      But I know he's a good player, so with monster he don't click-raise. And I've note on him "I've 3-beting him in late position a lot" from another session.
      Villian probably means I 3-bet light a lot, so he 4-beted me.
      Unfourtunately for him, I had a monster: A :heart: 2 :diamond: is a great card for 5-bet, so I made it about 3$ and he fold quickly.

      What's your opinion about re-raising light in LP again late position's raise in rush? I mean it's a great way how to win open-raise from player who wants only steal blinds or play in position again a blind's call.

    • Beatlemanic
      Joined: 14.10.2010 Posts: 3,000
      Hello again,
      I hand't write for a month, becouse I hadn't too much time to poker - I was on holiday and in January I musted (as every year) finished all my rest to school.

      I've reducted my stats from 40/30 to 32/28. Now I've a chance to don't get BAN from Pokerstrategy for threatening public morality :) . I also downloaded trial of PT 3, so now I can avoid 3 beting light players with 9/9 stats.

      In December, i builded about 200 $ BR - I hited 7th place in 1$ rebuy tournament with 1k players for 67 $, and had good time on cash games. But, of coure, the big downswing followed - i lost about 90 $ in week.
      So I made a 100 $ cashout (y, cashout, no deposit - Im not donky Dutchman)
      and left only 20 $ on account. It's psychology efect - if I have only 2 buyins, I'm motived to play my A - game.
      It worked, downswing stop, and I rebuild my BR to 50 $. Now I'll hold hard BRM and play NL 10 at least to 250-300 $ before going to NL 25.

      OVERBET (about 100 BB) PUSHES

      On rush, I've played 2 weird hands - so they are here:

      Hero is MP with Q :spade: Q :heart: .
      Hero raise 0.3 $
      BB push 8 $.
      I called and he showed A :club: A :heart: . (Lucky Q :club: on turn saved me)

      Is it EV + call overbet push with JJ, QQ, AK?

      NL 10.
      Hero is BB with A :heart: , K :spade: l.
      UTG push 16 $.

      I called and he showed 8 :diamond: 6 :club: . AK holded.

      Some idea what doing again overpush? I have only one - call with best 5% hands and hope Villian haven't AA.
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      :heart: the nick! Hope all goes well for you with the poker study.

      BTW try posting these hands in the NL evaluation forums. And before you post them, reading through this will help make sure you get the most out of those posts.

      Best of luck! :s_cool:
    • joecar
      Joined: 09.04.2008 Posts: 347
      right click hand, open replayer , hand history, 2+2 button