Did i do anythign wrong?

    • magikziggy
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      Hi im new here and im not sure if this is the right place to put this question sorry if it isnt :)

      Just before i joined this system i was playing on an un-affiliated sites ml. We were in the money (it was a 5k gtd) and out of 600 there was about 30 left (i think top60 got 2 money).

      I was in the late pos (1 before small blind) and had ak off suite. Had slightly about average stack (about 120,000 chips). To play it was 6000 so i raised to 24k (every1 else had already folded) and the sb called.

      Flop was a clubs, 9 diamonds, and ace of diamonds.

      I check after a 5 sec period and the sb immieidaitly goes allin. He/she has about 200k in chips. I call. He/she was lurking with 9,9. I lost. Any tips/advice on this sort of scenario? :)

      Thanks in advance and sorry if its in the wrong place :)
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    • Magijec
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      My suggestion is: Dont call all-in with trash hand.
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi magikziggy!

      You were on the button, right? How could you check and the SB act behind you before the turn card appeared? That's impossible. Concerning the hand: If the board was A, 9, A (hope I understood that correctly) there is no point of folding your AK here. If he had 99: so be it.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Mashadar
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      lol, the story doesn't really fit together indeed.

      as for the 3oak, the all-in call was ok, ofcourse. sb calling your late position raise doesn't indicate any real strength, since your raise could have initially been a steal raise, his hand range grows.