[Application] Looking for coach NL10SH Rush

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      I have no idea if it's allowed to post applications without staking deals, but if there's any problem - move/delete this post please.

      So in a few words - I'm looking for a coach who is able to help me in sucessfully beating NL10SH (Rush). I have enough roll (so no need for staking) for NL10 and I feel free there. I've played 102k hands of NL10 Rush and there's been swinagmens up and down and I just feel I'm stuck in my own head in terms of improving and I need someone to show right path toe take. I just feel I'm not capable of fixing my own leaks, altho I've learned, studied, watched videos etc, so I should have enough knowledge for NL10.

      Previously I've beat NL2/NL5 on FTP, pretty solid run OnGame NL10 and now it's breakeven on NL10 (slightly losing atm), and down a few BI on NL25 (took a shot while had upswing at NL10).

      I'm studying at uni now (last semester coming), so can't say I'll be able to put hell of a volume, but I still have enough time to play and learn and I'm willing to do that.

      I've no dea how the best deal could look, but I think we could make it for specific count of hands (60k+) and some X% of profits. If it goes well we can expand it, include some staking for NL25 if needed etc.

      So if someone is interested, we can work out the plan. :)

      It's just a general info as I can't really write an essay and my lifetime story here, so if you have any questions - PM me.


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