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SSS player stats

    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343

      After two weeks playing at NL 25 SSS PT shows that I´m not the winning player. My BB/100 hands is 0,30 and maybe someone could also comment my stats:)

      Total hands at NL 25 10352
      Vol. Put $ In The Pot 8,86
      Vol. Put $ In From SB 20,98
      Folded SB To Steal 94,95
      Folded BB To Steal 88,67
      Att. To Steal Blinds 30,85
      Won $ WSF % 32,44
      Amount won -15,62$
      BB/100 Hands -0,30
      Went To SD % 31,44%
      Won$ At SD% 52,65%
      PF Raise % 7,47
      PF AF 4,62
      Flop AF 7,05
      Turn AF 3,05
      River AF 1,39
      Total AF 4,65
      Total Rake 93,75
      Bad Beat Jackpot Cont. 26,50

      I´ve also made some conclusions:
      1. Although Bad Beat Jackpot is attempting, I shouldn´t be playing there on NL25 level. I may consider playing there maybe on NL 50, if other tables waiting lists are too big
      2. There are too many SSS players on NL 25. That is not good, because my steals attempts aren´t always working and I should re-steal often hands like A8+ and any pocket pair, simply for fold equity. Ofcourse it depends on every single opponent but defending blinds becomes more crucial.
      3. I have to play more focused, that means that I try to play max 9 tables (all 9 fits nicely on my 21´´ screen). 12 tables is sometimes a little too much.
      4. PT shows that JJ isn´t winning hand So against re-raise I should fold it pre-flop. But again it all depends on the position and opponent
      5. Against loose opponents I shouldn´t steal with 77. I shouldn´t be calling if there is re-steal and playing 77 on the flop isn´t easy.
      6. I think that it is good use BSS SHC while playing NL 25 on SSS. AQ and TT UTG raises should be fine and I mostly take down the pot. Against re-raise I would even fold JJ:) . And it isn´t always good to steal from MP small pocket pairs or hands like KQ. And it is good to play tight rather than loose
      7. I have to read some poker books and keep developing and the moment I reach 400$ (right now my bankroll is 389$) I would move up to NL50, because there are less SSS players.
      8. 10 K hands isn´t enough and maybe I´m just having downswing. But I´ve found some leaks in my game (especially I shouldn´t be pushing with the draw and I need to know when to fold) and hopefully I can play for now good solid poker.
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    • Berliner1982
      Joined: 12.07.2006 Posts: 5,644
      First of all, I think 10k hands playing break even isn´t that unusal for the SSS. For your Stats I can only say, that if you wouldn´t have played the BBJ Tables, you would have a winrate of + 0.2 PTBB/100.

      When I look at your stats I would also say that you try to steal the blinds to loose on that limit. 30% is to much for NL $25. I guess about 20-25% would increase your winrate a bit. So I would try to avoid to marginal +EV situation on that limit, since it makes the variance higher.

      I think you play solid and you have no reason to be worried so far, what I can see with the hands you´re posting. 10k hands isn´t that much. So keep up your good work, looks like you are motivated to improve your skills. :)
    • Nunki
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 865
      By themselves, your stats show very little. What you need to do is filter them to see how you are doing in various scenarios. The filter which comes with PT is useful for this but is still very limited. If you google "pokerEV" you can find an add-on for PT which has an excellent filter and also an excellent hand-replayer. PokerEV also allows you to assess whether you are running good/bad. The only downside to pokerEV is that some of the graphs it produces require a very subtle analysis and can in fact be misleading if not interpretted correctly. I expect that it is still free. If you spend some time playing with the filters in pokerEV you can find out a lot about your game.

      1.BBJ is tempting but probably -EV at NL25 for any reasonably sized Jackpot.

      2.When re-stealing it is sometimes useful to think about the hands that will be calling you. With this in mind two middling cards (preferably suited) such as J-9, 10-8 etc can be OK since you are less likely to be dominated.

      4. How to play JJ,TT etc are very opponent specific.(I assume you use an HUD.)

      5.Not too sure what you mean here.

      7. Whether your BR is $389 or $400 makes almost no difference. Don't move-up AND go broke.( I remember you replied to a post I once made which moaned about the state of the games at NL25. Even going to much trouble with regards to table selection I have always found it too difficult to find a "good" game at NL25 FR. PS doing a good job I guess :D )

      8. Like Berliner says, 10k hands breakeven is nothing for the SSS.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      Thanks Berlin and Nunki for advises. I´ve been playing poker almost one year and I´m willing to move back at NL 10 BSS tables if I´m having downswing or just playing badly on NL 50. If 389, 393 or 400$ doesn´t make any difference, then I´m taking my first shot this week at NL 50. Hopefully it is not -5 BB at first hour. After all, it is just my money, which I´ve earned after playing hundreds and hundreds hours poker.