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Playing a micro stack

    • goldchess
      Joined: 17.02.2010 Posts: 641
      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $30(BB) Replayer
      SB ($270)
      BB ($300)
      UTG ($300)
      UTG+1 ($300)
      UTG+2 ($645)
      MP1 ($300)
      Hero ($30)
      CO ($300)
      BTN ($255)

      Dealt to Hero 8:club: T:club:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, Hero ??

      We have all been here before- you lose an all-in and are left with 0-2 bb. What's our game plan? What sort of hands are we looking to go with? These situations are not discussed very often, but there must be an optimal way of playing them? Up till now I am just using my intuition, going with high cards and pairs, and if I'm about to hit the blinds, then one high card will do. Also if one person shoves and I feel I have ok equity vs their range I will stick it in too, hoping to get heads up with 2 live cards. What are your thoughts on these spots?
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    • breena
      Joined: 14.09.2010 Posts: 412
      Theres not really much to talk about it would be hard to fold any face card, or any two middle ish cards even ?( .

      Maybe ive misread but Im prob jaming the next hand if it looks like a good spot
    • Steelbrewer
      Joined: 22.04.2009 Posts: 580
      Any suited and distantly connected cards will do and isolating yourself against a preflop raiser preferably pusher with almost any two cards and hope for a race/coinflip is IMO better than open pushing yourself.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      There is actually a lot to talk about. According to the ICM, your last chips are supposed to be the most valuable (proportionally). In practice, there can be advantages that go beyond the ICM. However, many players just throw away their last chips as though they are worthless.

      In order to say that play A (pushing) is better than play B (folding), you can't just say that play B leaves you in a bad situation. You have to argue that play A leaves you in a better situation, and somehow people overlook that part. If you push 1 bb just before you hit the blinds, and get your money in badly, and you draw out, what is the reward? It is to post the big blind with a 2-3 bb stack so that you are pot-committed against almost any raise. Why would you get your money in badly in order to set that up?

      Posting your whole stack in the big blind is bad, but sometimes you win. You can be dealt a good hand, or you can draw out. Also, sometimes a couple of people limp in, and then someone raises to knock out the limpers, and you get to quadruple up or more if you beat one player. You can use the Nash calculator to get a rough estimate of the cost of posting the big blind all-in, and I think many players would be surprised to see how little it costs. In the linked example, the big blind loses about 1/8 of the equity he was supposed to have according to the ICM before the hand.

      You should be looking for ways to get a large overlay from the blinds. One way is for another raiser to knock the blinds out. If your stack is very short, then it is possible that you would get a nice overlay from the small blind alone.

      Every free hand before the big blind is an opportunity which is worth something. If you push from the button, you are risking giving up more opportunities to get dealt good hands than if you pushed UTG. Of course, there are fewer players active after you who can find a good hand, too, but don't casually push trash in late position. If you have 5 more hands before you hit the blinds, your chance to get at least one top 20% hand in one of those is 1-.8^5 = 67%. This is not to say that you have to wait for a top 20% hand, but it should make you suspicious of the idea that you should push anything which is above average.
    • Hlynkinn
      Joined: 14.06.2008 Posts: 4,998
      I tend to push hands that do better against multiple opponents..

      pzhon speaks the truth like always tho :)