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question about the hand chart

    • MishkaR
      Joined: 07.11.2010 Posts: 36
      hi all.
      i want to play according to the hand chart, but i dont understand something.

      lets say i'm in the late position and i have a medium pair or something like that (99,88 etc.).
      if one player calls i suppose to call but what happen when two player calls ?
      do i suppose to fold ?

      i don't understand it, if i get the third card i want then it doesn't matter how many people are in the hand cuz probably i have the best hand
      if i see the board is high on draws i can play carefully and if not then aggressively

      if i don't get the third card then i knew i dont hold the nuts and play accordingly to table.

      is that a wrong thing to do ?
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    • bazfresh
      Joined: 11.08.2010 Posts: 64
      play for set value
    • MishkaR
      Joined: 07.11.2010 Posts: 36
      can you be more specific ?

      if i get you right you agree with me
      i should play for the set even if more then one opponent calls and i dont get the card i should fold ?
    • SiXAT
      Joined: 28.09.2008 Posts: 263
      You play for set value because of the implied odds(how much money you can win from the opponent), so if there two opponents your imlied odds are higher than if one player called so its should be an obvious call/
    • Bliausmas
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 741
      I would recommend to read some articles (or watch videos) about why we play each group of hands. I mean, why we play high pairs, medium/small pairs, suited connectors/gappers, broadway hands etc. Without knowing that starting hands chart is useless.
      And for this actual example - if you play for set value, you want to get as much players in the pot as possible, and that's quite logical...