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FullTilt poker botZ.The truth!

    • carexfish
      Joined: 30.01.2011 Posts: 63
      This action takes place in a 70+$ tornament!

      I played very good cuz the lvl on this tornament was far better then my curent lvl.Then I get AA and ofc I did all in cuz I hate to lose with the BULETs.Why would a guy with bigger then averege stack call with TQ?Ok he won and took 1/3 of my stack.Then I was like 5th biggest stack left in the tornament.Just before the buble I get AA again and push all in after 4bet vs the same player who cruvhed my Aces with QT...He call with 55(omfg)the pot was 35 555 and quess what...THE DONK HIT QUADs...Now thats not possible a good player will not risk his stack with 55 or QT when the only hands I show are KK AA .Not only that but I was the buble boy and cash out 0!

      This was a poker bot used by ftp to take the price pool!!!I can t belive that they give me aces just so I lose(no body will fold aces prefolp).And on top of that i folded KK 2 times when I was against aces...I dont belive there is a way to beat this system.I WILL NEVER EVER PLAY TORNAMENTs ON FULL TITL CUZ THE ARE 100% rIgged!Every time i get close to big cash out I get aces and lose.I lose with aces every day on the 300 chips sng...But to play 2 hourse ur best game and push only the nuts(and never all in before flop)-practicly you never risk losing,folding KK to AA...The way they could screw me was to give me aces against a bot that knows the flop!Don't belive me?Never mind just remeber to fold aces if u are close to the big money...there is a reason why u get aces and most of the time there will be a bot on your table that will pay ur bet with QT or 55 and ofc take all of ur chips!
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