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Hi fellow strategists

    • DocBrown112
      Joined: 14.04.2009 Posts: 58
      I've been a member here on PS for about 2 years, but have never gotten around to introducing myself.

      I play on several sites, usually SNG og MTT in the lowest stake possible :rolleyes:

      Currently I mostly play on 888, Partypoker, Bet24 and now also PokerStars (again, unfortunately I blew the bankroll from PokerStrategy shortly after I got it :f_mad: ) and totally I am a bit above break even, but since I play very low level, I don't accumulate too many points - unfortunately.

      I have been very pleased with my PokerStrategy membership which have both given me a cash boost (twice) as well as several decent freerolls.

      I haven't used the forum or the training section very much, but I intend to use both a bit more going forward. Same goes for the Elephant software I guess :s_biggrin:

      My favourite startup scenario, is when a pokersite offer an instant cash signup deal, like for instance the 888 site, who offer 8$ just for signing up and additional 8$ for depositing (twice). In the low stakes I play, 24$ is actually enough to play without worry (and since they were free to begin with, well no worries at all). Using this bankroll I was able to cashout 100$ and still have more than enough to play.

      A year or two ago I did the same on VC Poker and I only have two regrets in relation to this strategy; one is I almost never get any bonus and second is I spend a lot of time for very small amounts which is a bit ironic.

      Last year I was offered a rakeback deal on VC Poker, but since they moved to Entradiction, I cashed out. Now I would like to find some new nice rakeback deals, but many sites apparently only offer different kinds of VIP cashouts, which are VERY unfavorable for low level players since the rakeback often is below 10% until you reach higher VIP levels (which I obviously never do). So any good suggestions are highly appreciated :f_biggrin:

      One very good thing about 888 is that they are actually pretty cheap in rake in the lower levels (compared to VC Poker). The same goes for PokerStars, but PartyPoker is extremely expensive with rake in SNGs.

      The best thing about PartyPoker in my opinion is the Bankroll Builder freerolls that you can enter the first 3 months after signup - they are really soft and I think that almost any decent pokerplayer should be able to cash in one of those - when you cash you get a ticket to the next level a weekly 1000$ freeroll and a cash in that will earn a ticket to the monthly 10000$ freeroll - unfortunately I am no longer eligible for those :f_cry:

      Current goal is to take on the 2$ 180 man turbo MTT on PokerStars and see how that will turn out. Yesterday I tried out 4 MTTs, 0.02$, 0,10$, 0,25$ and 0,50$ and I managed to cash in the 0,25$ and 0,50$ - it was mostly to get a feel for the play before I start out in the 2$ stake. Alongside that I will probably continue with the 0,88$ 40 man MTT on 888 as I have been doing quite well in those.

      Having started mostly in SNGs, moving to smaller MTTs over the last year, my ultimate goal is to become a decent MTT player in the bigger fields and try a big cash out some time in the future - but I guess we all want that :f_cool:

      Well, I think this about does it for an introduction post - any comments are welcome, I believe I have the biggest part to learn ahead of me yet.

      Best regards
      DocBrown112 aka Carsten
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Ahh what took you so long :D only joking, thanks for the intro DocBrown, it's great to finally meet the person behind the name ;)

      We very much look forward to seeing you more active in the community, there is always lots for us all to learn and would be great to hear of your own experiences too.

      Don't forget that PokerStrategy prides itself on providing the best player returns in the market place, not only with the rakeback & VIP scheme deals that it has arranged with it's poker room partners, but also with the educational material & community events as you've already mentioned.

      Check out the partner list whenever you want a new room as a challenge, but in the meantime good luck & enjoy your poker on PokerStars.

      Best regards,

    • DocBrown112
      Joined: 14.04.2009 Posts: 58
      Thanks for the welcome Bart, yes I'm not always too fast, but in terms of poker, patience is considered a virtue I guess :f_cool:

      Anyway, I think you and the rest of the team from Pokerstrategy does a great job - and sometimes people still complain about the free service, hopefully the majority (like myself) appriciate what you are doing.

      At the moment I have enough sites to play at, so I am mostly interested in if I'm getting as many benifits as possible :f_grin:

      I tried installing Elephant last night, but I think some leftovers from an old database installation was the reason I didn't succeed. I will try again tonight - removing any leftovers first.

      I also played a freeze-out tourney on PokerNordica (Merge) last night - it had a guarenteed prize of 1050$ and costed 10+1$ to join - and when I eventually cashed the lowest pirze possible I realised it didn't even cover my buyin and I was really furious. I believe I would rather have placed outside the money than receive what at most can be seen as a consolation prize. Anyway I would like to the opinion of others - am I wrong when I dislike a prize lower than my original buyin or do you agree?

      Best regards