How i can get this 50$???

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      Originally posted by doughpeekhunt
      Vlado - you are being fobbed off here with total bullsh1t !!!!!
      They are nothing but phucking con artists - ID security failed? Bollox!!
      I uploaded passport and utility bill, they sent email saying I'd failed!?
      They merely hide behind this crap about being unable to go into details, there is no explanation on offer at all, and no right to appeal the decision.
      Absolutely NO reputable outfit would behave in this way - they are nothing but shameless charlatans, and should be outed for wilful misrepresentation!
      Disgraceful treatment of people acting in utterly good faith.
      Hi doughpeekhunt,

      I strongly disagree and think your comments are unfair towards We have credited more then 1 million free $50 and this number is rapidly growing which also proves that this offer is not a scam nor randomly given to anyone. =)

      Your ID check failed because you have registered an account with already, received the free $50 starting capital and you are still active gathering StrategyPoints with it.

      This as you probably know is against our T&C and considered as fraud.

      I would like to ask you to refrain from using violent language on the forum or I will have to revoke your rights to maintain any discussion furthermore in the community! I have also closed your second account as this is clearly not permitted.

      Thank you for understanding
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      Originally posted by Classified181
      I joined here around 2 weeks ago and recieved my Bankroll Starter within 24 hours after passing the quiz and ID check. I can guarantee you there is no problem with this site and its advertising of the $50 starter, unless they simply pick and choose who gets it and who does'nt, which i find unlikely and its more likely that there was a problem with the ID you supplied.
      Hi Classified181,

      Thanks for sharing your happy story =)

      I would like to just clarify that we do not randomly pick anyone for the free $50 starting capital.

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      i sended my photo with my unlgy face the my id bill up on the i didnt pass the id authentication???i dont care about the 50$ starting capital just dissapointed on why i didnt pass the id check....
      Its good way for some new players to make a good start!! GOOD JOB BY you POKERSTRATEGY gratz to ALL!!!
      Sry for my english if its suck :P
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      Hi mixalakis800,

      Firstly thank you for your kind words, there are a lot of people working really hard behind the scenes for members benefit and they will really appreciate your kind thoughts.

      Unfortunately the support team can't always provide the exact details of why people fail, especially if this is likely to give away some of the security processes that it needs to undertake.

      Even if you don't pass the ID check, unless advised otherwise by the support team, you can still become an active member with PokerStrategy. You will earn PokerStrategy points on all tracked accounts that you set up using the PokerStrategy download links and bonus codes and can continue to utilise all of the great educational material, free live coaching sessions, community freerolls and events etc.
      The only difference is that you would need to deposit a little of your own money to get started, or of course cash in a few freerolls etc.

      Hope to see you active at the poker tables and within the forum here soon, but in the meantime if we can help clarify anything for you we will be happy to do so.

      Best regards,

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