in the betfred forum (FAQ) it says that betfred hands can be analyzed by elephant. Is that true?

when I try to import the hands manually, they are not reckognized. Im using elphant 0.99.

I found the folder "C:\poker\betfred poker\history\[my user name]\tournaments"
which has a lot of .xml files inside. They look like that:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <session sessioncode="4570383331">
- <general>
<gametype>Holdem NL</gametype>
<tablename>Darwin, 573762xxx</tablename>
<startdate>10-Apr-2011 08:37:05</startdate>

and lateron
- <round no="1">
<cards type="Pocket" player="geri378">X X</cards>
<action no="10" player="geri378" type="0" sum="0" cards="" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="lilianamarian">X X</cards>
<action no="11" player="lilianamarian" type="3" sum="30" cards="" />
<cards type="Pocket" player="xxx">C9 H10</cards>

when i try to manually import such a file it says
"imported files: 1, not imported files: 0, imported hands: 0, not imported hands:25, ignored hands:0, duplikates:0" in the thable and i get an error message.