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[Application] NL25 FR Stars

    • DannyG13
      Joined: 28.10.2009 Posts: 1,160
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.


      Hey! First time requesting a stake so if there's anything I miss please feel free to shout up :D

      I'm seeking a full stake, $600, on PokerStars to play NL25 FR. I am seeking a stake because I can't afford to deposit myself, and my small bankroll is currently locked up on Full Tilt (counting it as lost money I guess), and feel this is the quickest way to rebuild a bankroll.

      A little history. Built my bankroll 20+ tabling NL10, beginning February this year, gradually moving up to NL25. As I was readying shots for NL50, Black Friday hit in April and I withdrew my ~$1.3k roll as a precaution. Haven't really been bankrolled properly for these stakes since then; hence this application.

      The stake will last 50,000 hands, and I will be 12 tabling throughout (possibly moving up to 16+ tables if I feel necessary, but will begin at 12 and try and maintain this number). Hopefully the stake won't last any longer than 30 days, should be quicker as I have a lot of spare time being a student off for the summer. I do work part time in retail, but that's only like 3 days a week at most (usually 1 day), so I still have plenty of free time. I am away for a weekend beginning of August, and have a holiday booked for early September for a week, but am flexible other than that. :D

      Profit will be split 50/50 including rakeback and bonuses (at the end of the stake I will play the 235FPP satellites to turn as much FPP's into $$), including stakeback ofc.

      I do have one term, however. I want the option to cancel the stake at any time if I feel it necessary. Obviously i'll try not too stop it if possible, but I feel this option for me is essential, as I don't want to be 'over committed' to playing and finishing it, if that makes sense? Examples include if I come in to some money and no longer need staking, or if I feel I am not playing well enough with someone else's money and no longer feel comfortable with the stake, etc. I'll try for this not to happen though :)

      I have had one successful staking before when I used to play SnG's, by PokerStrategy member and coach, lessthanthree, which went smoothly enough.

      Finally, at first im going to request being staked the full amount by one person, but if there's no interest in that I will think about offering shares or something, more on that in due course if necessary.

      Add me in community if interested, can get my Skype from there.

      Can't get the pictures to work haha so here's the links instead:



      First 45k NL10, rest NL25.

      dg113 on PokerStars

      More info available on request.

      Thanks :D
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