FL Stud Hi BRM

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    • madorjan
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      In my opinion for a beginner it should be around 400BB (big bet, not big blind, if you're a NL player), so for 4/8c it would be $32, for 25/50c it would be $200. The variancie is a bit higher than in FLHE because there is an extra big bet street, but the 8handed nature and the pretty tight 3rd and 4th street play makes it a bit lower. If you're more experienced you could do well with a bit smaller BR, but it's kind of your choice by RoR and stuff.

      Hope I could help, cheers,
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      Hey Madi,

      Thanks for your swift and helpful responce :)

      I will probably play 0.10/0.20, but I will play a few k hands at 0.04/0.08 just to get a feel of the game and strategies.

      Do you know of any tracking software for Stud by any chance?

      I have very basic skills at Stud, but I wouldn't be a complete newbie :D

      Any tips/advice for playing styles would be very welcome if you had the time :)

      Thanks again,

    • chenny8888
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      pokertracker 2 - stud works still

      i don't use it though
    • madorjan
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      PTStud is not that good IMO. But FPDB is good for it and has a HUD also, the only thing is that setting it up is kind of complicated. But it's an open software so I don't and won't complain, it's a great software.

      I prefer not to have a 'style', just adjust to the players in every kind of poker, but on smaller stakes you may want to tighten up a bit in the SH-hands (like medium pairs and such) and focus more on the speculative hands (3flushes, 3straights), since the pots are going to be multiway a ton of the times. So basically that's what I'd change a bit these stakes, and also I guess it's pretty standard, but anyway I'm gonna write it: don't multitable. Memorise the dead cards, and watch your opponent, it's much more worthwile than having a good hourly on the micros (and you won't have a good hourly if you mass multitable stud anyway:) ).

      If you have further questions, please ask.