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[NL2-NL10] AJo - SSS - correct to check / fold?

    • Kill4Bee
      Joined: 30.12.2007 Posts: 6
      Absolute Life Poker Canton 0.05/0.10, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button ninjamatze ($1.85)
      SB FloPson80 ($4.57)
      BB Hero ($2)
      UTG ReefSmoke ($12.26)
      UTG+1 hello13245 ($1.36)
      MP Jeff92 ($11.63)
      MP sirkurt ($8.29)
      CO-1 SweetPeach31 ($3.50)
      CO 22camels ($2.03)

      Preflop: Hero is in the BB with A:spade: J:heart:
      ReefSmoke calls 0.10, 3 folds, SweetPeach31 calls 0.10, 2 folds, FloPson80 calls 0.05, Hero raises to 0.70, ReefSmoke calls 0.60, SweetPeach31 calls 0.60, 1 fold.

      Flop (2.20) 5:club: 4:diamond: T:diamond:
      Hero checks, ReefSmoke checks, SweetPeach31 bets 1, 1 fold, ReefSmoke calls 1.

      Turn (4.20) 7:heart:
      ReefSmoke checks, SweetPeach31 moves all-in for 1.80, ReefSmoke calls 1.80.

      River (7.80) T:heart:

      Hi all, my first post here in the samples board and probably not my last, reading here everyday and don`t know why i never post stuff myself :) So hard to find a Titan Poker converter if one hasn`t got PokerTracker *g*

      Reason i`m asking, in the few rounds before the UTG-Player was pretty tight. Since i didn`t hit on the Flop i thought instead of going all-in (because stack = smaller than pot according to strategy) i`d check / fold if bet occurs. Lucky I did, but was it the right thing at the time? Cheers
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    • vladnz
      Joined: 17.01.2007 Posts: 1,355

      againste 1 opp who checks you bet 2/3 of the pot

      againste 2 opp easy check fold
    • Kill4Bee
      Joined: 30.12.2007 Posts: 6
      Oh yes of course :D Just looked at my scribbled notes and it says:

      Flopplay - Trash: 2+ opponents left Check / Fold

      Totally missed it, hardly ever use the notes now because most is in the good old head *g* Funny, basically played as i thought was most situated at the time. Good then :) Did mix up the All-In with stack = smaller than pot though, thats refering to 1 opponent, still was right decision. Thanks for your time!
    • vladnz
      Joined: 17.01.2007 Posts: 1,355
      Happy to help :D

      you should post as many hands as you can here

      you should also read this :

      Sample hands discussion

      read the 1st and 2nd posts from xylere
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876
      oop i like to raise 4bb+1bb per limper + 1bb for bad position. i would just push preflop after 3 limpers.
    • Berliner1982
      Joined: 12.07.2006 Posts: 5,648
      Pushing prelfop is also an option here, since pocket pairs up to TT you have a coinflip and you also might be able to make better hands fold like AQ or pocket pairs.
      As played, nice hand. :)
    • xylere
      Joined: 27.05.2007 Posts: 2,939
      I wouldn`t bother with +1BB for bad position, since you need to master postflop first.

      Everything else was explained.