According to the silver BSS strategy article on how to react to a raise preflop when playing SH (
more often than not one should 3bet small/medium pockets (when the openraiser is not tight or if someone behind me is likely to squeeze etc.)

However, after posting several hands on the basic hand evaluation forum judge Veriz has repeatedly told me that 3betting a small/medium PP is very often a waste of hand as I can easily call for set value. Thus I can't decide between which source to trust. Veriz has told me, for example, that calling LP raises from the blinds with PPs is much better than 3betting. According to the article we mostly are up against wide ranges and thus don't have the necessary implied odds.

I am playing on NL4, so maybe the fact that most opponents are not good enough postflop (e.i. invest too much with marginal hands) speaks in favor of a call but honestly, I do not know now after reading the article what to trust.

What is the right answer?