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Hi guys,

I´m an active Player from Germany, have 900 Comments there and playing BSS NL10 SH. Actually i´ve got a BLOG in the Community so what the hell I am doing here.

I´m an 25 year old Student for Business Psychology and wanna a do my Business in the hole world and the big Problem is my English, It really sucks and maybe it will be better when i´m doing here some conversations. Hopefully u are nice guys here and don`t have any Problems with German sausages or kind of.

So if i`ll write something and its horrible incorrect with the Grammar please make a FYP with the correct form. Just sometimes.

Actually I have to learn for my exam and i`ll try to find my way here.
Ah, and "stud" is a other meaning than in English. So i´m not an arrogant Dude or kind of.

Thanks a lot
Hi derStud1986,

I was reading you post and FYP = Fix your post, don't worry, I'm here to help you to improve english. :)