[NL2-NL10] 2NL - 66 missed value?

    • philhellmutt
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      This flop was so dry I decided to call MP1's bet, with 99 the only hand I'm scared of.

      When BTN min-raises and MP1 re-raises, I just thought "screw it, the stacks are going in now", especially with the BTN being a passive player (88/0 in 26 hands).

      Should I have just called again? BTN probably had an overpair or 9x, maybe even 78 (less likely)....

      EDIT - forgot spoiler...:D

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.02(BB) Replayer
      SB ($4.53)
      BB ($6.01)
      UTG ($0.95)
      UTG+1 ($0.98)
      UTG+2 ($1.97)
      MP1 ($2.02)
      Hero ($6.30)
      BTN ($5.33)

      Dealt to Hero 6:heart: 6:club:

      fold, UTG+1 calls $0.02, UTG+2 calls $0.02, MP1 calls $0.02, Hero calls $0.02, BTN calls $0.02, SB calls $0.01, BB checks

      FLOP ($0.14) 9:club: 3:heart: 6:diamond:

      SB checks, BB checks, UTG+1 checks, UTG+2 checks, MP1 bets $0.15, Hero calls $0.15, BTN raises to $0.30, SB folds, BB folds, UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 folds, MP1 raises to $0.71, Hero raises to $2.57, BTN folds, MP1 calls $1.29 (AI)

      TURN ($4.44) 9:club: 3:heart: 6:diamond: T:heart:

      RIVER ($4.44) 9:club: 3:heart: 6:diamond: T:heart: 4:club:

      MP1 shows 3:club: 3:diamond: (Pre 19%, Flop 4.3%, Turn 2.3%)Hero shows 6:heart: 6:club: (Pre 81%, Flop 95.7%, Turn 97.7%)Hero wins $4.22
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    • cpers
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      Preflop: I would've isolate preflop.
      Flop: Rather raise it yourself, so many player already checked so I think we could assume their giving up the hand since it's a multiway-pot. Not sure about the raise size, it doesn't need to be that big since there's still some players behind that might calls.
    • philhellmutt
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      I usually raise a small PP preflop against 1 or 2 limpers, but against 3 I thought it's a good set-mining situation IP.

      Yeah, I almost always raise the flop with a set, but it's such a dry board. My first plan was to raise the turn.

      When playing against 2 different stack sizes (100bb and 265bb in this hand), I do wonder about my raise size here. Interested to see what the coach says about the sizing.
    • AxsisHalon
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      pre: ok call low pp
      flop: ok u call on dry board as u want to stay weaker hands in play
      then u got raised and then imo play for stacks is optimal as u always want to play for stacks when u hit set on such flop.
      if someone had 99 lucky him
    • veriz
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      Hello philhellmutt,

      Most likely I'd just raise it right on the flop and protect my hand. There are still some draws from we need to protect. :)

      Best Regards.