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Getting more aggressive

    • rap1dw1n3r
      Joined: 06.02.2009 Posts: 314
      Hello, I'm currently playing TAG style poker but don't enjoy it that much. I would really want to switch to solid LAG style, something like TwiceT does etc. and I was wondering if the community of pokerstrategy could help me with this. I need some tips, articles, exercises and all that stuff that would help me switch from TAG into good LAG.
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    • purplefizz
      Joined: 12.03.2008 Posts: 4,508
      if you want to think like TwiceT, why dont you watch videos produced by him for a start? have you watched Move it up to the Sky and Pink Performance yet? what game do you play and what limits?

      are you crushing the game as a good TAG or breaking even? i think to be a good LAG you need to be able to hand read very very well. this takes a lot of experience and study. there is no "quick tips" as such. maybe it would also help to share your poker experience so far :) then maybe more members can understand your particular situation and chip in.

    • Kitsune101
      Joined: 20.01.2012 Posts: 9
      The difference between a solid TAG and solid LAG, is a LAG plays more hands and thus for balance need to be bluffing more and vbetting thinner.

      My advice is open up your game SLOWLY. Add a few more hands in each position to open.

      Another factor to be a good solid LAG is table dynamics and perceive range. You must be able to read the other regulars really well. Im not talking about 2nd level poker but 3rd level poker, what do they think you have? Knowing what other regulars put you on helps you vbet thinner and give up when you dont have FE.
    • slipkn6t
      Joined: 27.06.2011 Posts: 5,712
      Switching from TAG to LAG has nothing to do with "Getting more aggressive". You meant "Getting looser" ok.
      A few examples:
      A guy switched from 11vpip/5pfr to 11vpip/10pfr. He got more aggressive.
      A guy switched from 11vpip/10pfr to 20vpip/17pfr. He got looser.