Taking notes during session

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      I'd have to agree with mPowers here,

      If you aren't used to taking notes, try writing a short description of the whole hand and how it went, from preflop to river. Yes you will find it awkward at the start because it takes a while to do it, but youwill soon get the idea and start learning to use some sort of shorthand version, as described in previous posts.

      I would suggest you try this out when you aren't in hands as well, to encourage you to pay attention to what is going on - unlike me who surfs facebook or whatever!
      It will also enable you to practice taking notes without having to do it under the pressure of playing a hand. I did this for evry reg I came across before moving up limits.

      Notes are like reads and as such are more important than stats imo.

      Best regards and have fun with those note takings,

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      Thank you, people for providing me such excellent ideas!

      Right now I have developed a new way on how to deal with this problem – during a session I will basically try to make as many notes as possible in the fastest and most natural way for me (no codes or anything for that matter). After playing I will make a session review before playing the next session and only then will I refine the notes taken in a more compact form, as well as take the notes that I have accidentally missed. During the refining process I expect to gradually increase my note-taking ability in terms of the time necessary for me to take a note until I perhaps reach a level where taking notes in the refined way is the natural way for me.

      Sounds very sane and logical!
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      Most of us will win some and lose some. It's ok to take notes after every session so that you can track and analyze your game. coz poker is a game of information, you have to take notes of your opponents while you play.
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