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Buying into a game...

    • TinovderLaan
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 70
      So I was reading through the SSS basic article on what the SSS actually is, and in the section about bankroll management, is says that you should buy in for 20 big blinds. Or at least, that's what I calculated from the chart. So, if I would want to play a 1c/2c game (for example), I would buy in for 40c. Once I would increase my stack to 50c (my buy-in multiplied by 1.25, as the chart suggest), I would leave the table.

      Thing is, the minimum buy-in for 1c/2c tables happens to be 70c at FTP. For a 2c/5c game, I would buy in for 20 BB as well, which would be $1. The minimum buy-in, however, is $1.75. Or a 25c/50c game? Minimum buy-in is $17.50, while you should take only $10 to the table.

      So how am I supposed to handle this now? Simply buying in for the minimum amount seems like the most logical solution, but I'd like to know how you people think about it.

      Edit: turns out this should probably have been posted in the SSS section of the forums. Apologies. If somebody could move this to the proper section, that would be nice.
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    • Dublimax
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 2,233
      FT has increased their mini buy in recently to 35 big blinds. They did so to have less annoying SS players on the table (annoying for the BS players).

      I think that if you want to play SSS you have to move site because SSS isn't optimal if you have to buy in for 35 big blinds.

      Maybe a SSS could give you more info on how to handle this but from what I have remember you shouldn't play on FT.