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    • croboss
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      First if it is posible i would like sng player to help me with this.

      6 max 6.60 regular sng-s on stars, what ROI is realistic and i should expect, if i

      am solid player, not great but not bad. I dont do fishy mistakes but i do some


      I started to play with table ninja ( WOW), for now 5 tables at the time and my

      daily goal is 30. I would be happy with 1$ per one, that is around 15%. Is that

      possible to do? And variance..... are downswings big or small?

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    • Duncan737
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      I think you are greedy :f_p: .
    • thazar
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      It will really depends of a lot of things and with the variance it can be a really long time before you can see a reliable ROI. The best way is to start playing the best way you can. Analyse your game and try to improve it all the time. I you play well money will come eventually.

      ...As long as others don't play better :f_biggrin:

      Best of luck at the tables
    • dubadal
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      I think you have to heavily consider rakeback in your equation - you will pay .6 for each SnG, which is 10%.

      So, unless you plan to do a huge volume, towards Nova or something you will get 10$ per 750 VPP points on Bronze level. That is around 10% rakeback. Silver star is more, but then again, not that great compared to the flat rate you get from PokerStrategy on FullTilt and other sites.

      Whether 15% ROI on 6.6 SH is realistic... there are 2 ITM places, 60 & 40%, so you are aiming at ITM once every 6-7 games (my math seems wrong :f_confused: ). If you are good, it shouldn't be a problem, as you put yourself at equal winning expectation towards all players at a random board. Obviously HU skills will play a huge role.

      So, unless you really feel that you can dominate this level SnGs, I would suggest you to spend a month or so grinding your PStars status to Gold or Platinum level with SH NL10/20 and then start on SnGs to get double rakeback.

      Maybe someone who has experience from this level can tell you more :) .

      P.S. and checkout the stickies about VPP/rake

      estimated rakeback percentages for each VIP level:
      - Bronze - 9%
      - Silver - 14%
      - Gold - 18%
      - Platinum - 23%
      - Supernova - 37% - 50%
      - Supernova Elite - more than 60%

      P.S. Math was wrong... say you play 100 SnGs @ 6.5 = 650, ignoring rakeback, which Im too drunk to calculate, you need 747,5 in winnings to get 15% ROI, which amounts to 7.5 each game. So, you need to get ITM every 2-3 games.
    • croboss
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      TY all for responses....

      I played 6max 2 day and realise that 6max 12-18 players is different than 1 table 6 max so after two days i stop. Than i moved to 5.50$ 9 players and must say for now that was good choice. Someone say that ROI on that game can b up to 15%, but i expect 9-10%, and try to play 32+ sngs pro day. 32 becouse if i made 50 cents per one that is 16$ per day and litle from bonus or rakeback that would be 20$/day, 600$ month. Other reason is that with that i can move from silver to gold this month.

      That is my short term plan. And yes, expect 9% ROI but geting more, lets say 14% is good i think becouse variance and downswings. When they hit me if i am still over 9% or 20$ pro day..... im gona tilt less. This have no mathematical sense but psihologycal. I tilt easy so i must trick myself whit that tricks.

      And yes dubadal i know everything about rackeback, and % on stars, that is my long term goal to achive platinum and with that supernova if i manage to be platinum for the whole year. I think this is posible with 10+1$ sng but i must play 10 more pro day. I calculated bonuses on supernova and they are worth of playing poker 6-7 hours a day.

      I'll see. This is all just theory for now, i think i dont fantasise whit this plan it very realistic imo. My BR is over 1000$ in the moment so i can play 5.50 sngs relaxed and when i feal that i beat 5.50 i will move up on 10+1 and start to playing to achive supernova status and afcors make a lots of money in the proces.

      Sry for not so great english, and ty.