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Tricky hand! Bad fold?

    • jebinho
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 3
      Hello guys!

      I'm quite new around here so i don't know if this is the right place to post a question about a hand.

      But since i can't stop thinking about it i will tell you guys about this hand anyway.


      So i was playing a live NL Hold'em tournament with 20 entrants and i got to the final table (OK it was more like a SNG but they called it a torunament). There was this player directly to my right which also happened to be the chip leader.

      Up to that point he played 8/8 voluntary hands (just 8 hands were dealt since we all sat down at the FT), raising pre-flop and re-raising bets post-flop most of the time.

      He won 6 nice pots with only 1 showdown.

      He even clashed with another big stack and got him to fold on the river in 2 consecutive hands, winning over 25k from that guy.

      He started the final table with 45k and he got to 85k or so I had like 24k.
      The blinds were at 400/800 ante 50.

      He was a loose player but he played very aggressively. Since he only got to showdown once and won, his image was quite solid.

      OK so here is how it went down.

      I was dealt 5 :spade: 6 :spade: in SB
      He was on the button.

      All players to the dealer folded. He raised to 3K.

      Now, this looked like a pretty obvious blind steal to me since everyone else folded.

      I decided to call to see what happens, especially because the BB was this chick who was playing a big tournament on her laptop so she wasn't really paying attention plus she played like a rock all night. She folded so HEADS UP!

      The flop came 6 :club: 7 :club: 8 :diamond:

      Pretty nice flop for me!

      But here is the thing. I had no clue what he had and i checked my OESD and bottom pair (5 :spade: 6 :spade:) .

      The pot was about 7k. He bets like 3k and i raise to 10k. He re-raises me all in. I did not expect that.

      My mind froze for a moment and then all crazy thoughts came in to my head. I started thinking what could he have raised with? He was on the button after all. He could already have the straight, he could have two pairs, he could have flopped a set and be afraid i catch the 8-o uter on the turn. Over pair was also a possibility. Flush draw?

      So i asked my self what can i beat now?

      I really felt like i was beat and i did not want to risk all my chips for 32% to make my straight. However i think i had something like 40% chance to win that hand regardless of what made hand he had except the straight.

      So after 3 minutes i had to make a decision. Under normal circumstances, i would have called instantly. But i was three places away from money so i decided to fold.

      He then showed me A :club: Q :heart: :s_confused:

      Fortunately i got ITM !! i guess it was the wrong decision at the right time.


      I know this is a rookie mistake! That is why i wanted to ask you guys, how would you have played the hand?

      Would you have called all in this guy? are my percentages correct against KK, 88, 78, A :club: 8 :club: and hands like that?

      should i have folded or re-raise pre-flop? should i have bet the flop?

      Thanks, Nick

      *excuse my english
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