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      [SIZE=12]I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same. [/size]

      TTT - TeamTwiceT - official announcement

      :diamond: mission statement / vision :diamond:

      the main idea behind TTT is to offer motivated and highly dedicated low stakes poker players an opportunity to bring their game to another level.
      since most players dont have a big enough bankroll to afford experienced and very expensive coaches, winnings will be shared for a particular period of time for free coaching.
      free coaching doesnt only mean one on one sweat sessions, but also group coachings with other TTT members. furthermore most common e-books on the market will be provided as well as mindset coaching.
      as i see it, its more of a longterm mentor program.
      i expect the hourly rate of this project to be <180$ (my current private coaching price) longterm. however, i still wanted to start this team. firstly its just nice to help e.g. poor estonian guys out of their misery, helping them earning a lot of money and living the dream. secondly, i strongly believe that if u are a nice person overall and help ppl out of their problems, u will be rewarded in the long term. so if anyone of my TTT members one day owns a big company, strip club, investment fund or whatever and needs a ceo, i rly hope they think of their old poker mentor twicet (i have a master degree in business btw, so im not a total fish! :P ) and give me a sicko job in their management board :f_grin:

      the idea is to coach & stake any game type. i will especially focus on nlhe and plo hu/sh/fr and less on mtt, sng, hu-sng, fl
      for fl, mtt, sng, hu-sng and other forms i will have assisting friends who are playing those game types on a daily basis on a very high level and thus are more qualified to coach on a high level.

      being a member of TTT not only means getting coaching and support by me. an even bigger advantage imo is the fact that u are part of a very dedicated network of smart poker players where u can review hands together and discuss general strategies.

      :diamond: team :diamond:

      adapter1337, estonia, Its not about good calls, its about good folds.
      eminescu500, romania, ! MovE It Move It Up To The Sky ! NOW: NL25 SH
      arnolde89, serbia, Arnolde89 Blog- epic vienna action
      stephinho - top secret

      team captain
      simo (adapter1337): new members can ask the captain general questions about the group or just have sb to talk to if they wanna flame me or any other coach.

      TwiceT, austria, monkeymode: EPT Vienna
      gossu, germany, mtt, sng & hu-sng expert

      :diamond: coaching deals :diamond:

      me coaching u, getting % of your winnings for specific period of time
      i am only looking for longterm (6+++ months) deals
      im offering all my expertise and trying to support u as much as i can (e-books, mindset coaching, general party advices etc :D ). however, since i am busy at times there are no fixed coaching schedules. one week we might have 3 sessions, next one not a single one. definitely also highly dependent on your commitment.
      details will be discussed separately with everybody. dependent on volume, stakes etc etc

      :diamond: staking deals :diamond:

      trade of bankroll money or entry into tournaments in exchange for a percentage of the winnings
      details will be discussed separately with everybody. dependent on the staking amount.
      possible for tournament as well as cash game players.

      :diamond: communication :diamond:

      forum (password protected) -
      skype channel - add my in skype (TwiceT) and i will invite u to our group

      :diamond: application :diamond:

      who can apply?
      basically everyone can apply. doesnt matter what game type u are playing, where u are from (as long as u speak english) and if u are vodka addicted or not.

      what are the requirements?
      i need to see, that u are willing to work harder than average players. i need to see your motivation and your dedication. also, i wanna know why u wanna get into the group and not try it on your own. why u wanna play poker and what your overall midterm poker/life goals are.
      i wont take complete beginners. i need to see (graphs, stats ... ) that u are a)capable of beating micro stakes and b)able to put in a lot of volume (e.g. 6max: 50k+ hands/month)
      if u have a job or are studying at uni, it will be harder for u to get in. simply because u dont have as much time to dedicate to your poker career and i just want ppl who take it rly serious. however, i know its possible to study/work AND start a sicko poker career. but it's very tough and u need to convince me (which wont be easy)

      how to apply?
      first contact via skype (TwiceT). official application per e-mail.

      i decided, that the whole team will help me in evaluating if and who should get into the team. i might misinterpret/-evaluate some applications. furthermore, i wanna make sure a new member fits into the group, since we will work together for a longer period of time.
      however, i will have the last decisive word - it's still my team, isnt it?! :P

      :diamond: concluding remarks :diamond:

      i am convinced, in most areas of life, working together with a group of ppl in a team enhances the chances of success. if u get into this group, use the powerrrrrr of the team and make it big.
      in case u dont get in the group for now (as said, i will rly put a lot of empahsize in just getting the best ppl in - especially for the beginning i like to have a smaller group. if everything goes well, having a bigger group is no prob ofc), it doesnt mean u cant apply again in january or so. the moment u think something changed and your application has some chances, give it a try!
      im answering all questions/hand evaluations in skype/on the forum. sometimes it can take up to 24 hours, when im very busy. but usually u will get an answer pretty fast.

      all $$$ transactions via moneybookers. if u dont have mb right now, get it :f_p:

      if u have any questions/suggestions, pls feel free to fire!

      peace on u!


      UPDATE DEC 28 2010:

      TTT reformed

      due to lack of time (rly unfortuante that days only have 24 hours) and my numerous projects in 2011, there will be some changes from january:

      :diamond: core group:
      2-5 ppl, specific deals. working together intensively. up to the top. (no core group applications outside ttt atm, i will pick those 2-5 ppl)

      :diamond: team:
      besides the core group, motivated plrs can join the group. for the most part, i will invite ppl i have coached in the past and i think would fit into this team as well as plrs who are very dedicated and are willing to bring their game to the next level.
      no deals with me, no coachings with me. just participating in a group of likeminded ppl with same goals. sh/hu/fr nl & plo plrs.

      interaction in such a "small" group outside the big forums should help a lot imo.

      the idea is to grow and improve together and once in a while book group coachings with expensive coaches like me. e.g. 2 hours coaching for 350$ with me is obv too much for a nl50 plr, but if 5 ppl group together, prepare a coaching session (1 hour) and also analyse it together afterwards (1 hour), u should get a lot out of it for your money.
      ofc, i will also assist u in finding other/cheaper coaches

      ofc, i will be around in the internal forums and skype channels and will answer questions from time to time and/or just trash talk with u :D

      team captain simo, other group members and me will decide together who will get into the team.

      if i didnt coach u in the past, pls contact simo for applications: adapter1337 in skype
      if u already did get coached by me, pls contact me for getting into the team: TwiceT in skype
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    • lennonac
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      Good luck with TTT :D
    • DeMarcohsp
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      I would like to apply for the team but I don't think you will be satisfied with my volume - it's like 30k hands/ month, my time schedule doesn't let me do more. What volume would it be enogh?
    • TwiceT
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      e.g. 50k+ hands / month for 6max nlhe

      ofc for hu its way less.
    • THESHade
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      Originally posted by TwiceT
      e.g. 50k+ hands / month for 6max nlhe

      ofc for hu its way less.
      Aaaand what about Eminescu? or its different cause he was "your first"?
    • kiromanAAKK
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      I love that ;)
      God Bless you mate! :heart:
    • TwiceT
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      Originally posted by THESHade
      Originally posted by TwiceT
      e.g. 50k+ hands / month for 6max nlhe

      ofc for hu its way less.
      Aaaand what about Eminescu? or its different cause he was "your first"?

      yes. but he will also have to achieve different conditions from now on.
    • fulja
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      Wow....I would love to have an opportunity to work in such an environment, I mean, what can be more motivating than working with a group of great coaches and a number of eager-to-learn co-students. Every single moment you have a possibility to discuss whatever crosses your mind and get a valuable comment.

      I hope there will be more spots opening up later because there's no way in hell I would pass on such an opportunity. I think for now I have no chance in getting in. Still at uni, and probably not enough volume. Playing 35-50k hands monthly on rush nl10. Maybe later when i grow :D

      Anyway, just wanted to comment here and say that there is a really great thing starting up.

      Good luck to all of you!
    • radiohead84
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      I love that plan ! ... and I'm ALMOST ;) considering quitting my job (that starts tomorrow, btw) .. muahaha

      I wish you all the best ! may the best get the chance to join!

      Dr. B ;)
    • Shinersen
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      Hello guys. I started to play with 100$ nl5 after I finished my final exams on highschool (july).Since then i play constantly (well there are days and days when i simply don t have time to play : drink, study etc ). I went to nl10 like 3 times and i got raped and then when switch to nl5 i also lost for a small period of time.
      So since then my br was like nl5->nl10->nl5->nl10->nl5...etc and now i m sitting with 350$ on the edge of nl10.

      I saw gossu is coach for this team and he`s a sng/mtt coach. About that..last days wasn t so great so i played some 90 men sngs and some mtts <5$ and i saw that the field is waaay to easy and i m really motivated to learn to own 3.3 90 KO SNGs(uber many fishes that are calling allins with trash just for .5$ KO Bounty), and play some mtts esp. in weekend. I took #3 on a 1.1$ mtt for 75$ last week weeee.

      I admint that i`m not very good, but this is the best opportunity for me to increase my skill level and go up limits way faster.

      Best regards,
    • gedwashere91
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      How many tourneys per month would be expected if we were SnG or MTT player?
    • TwiceT
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      Originally posted by gedwashere91
      How many tourneys per month would be expected if we were SnG or MTT player?
      skype pls sir. no general answer possible
    • StaticMoth
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      Well since you like helping out poor Estonian guys, I would be the perfect candidate for that :f_p:

      Broke, nothing to lose, all the time/willpower/motivation in the world to make this poker "gig" work for me.

      My background => Discovered the love for poker and decided that I will try to make my way in this world by not depositing a single cent of my own - that seemed like a good exciting challenge.

      Obv was huge donk, lost my PS free $50 (not in vain though, taught me proper BRM early on :f_biggrin: ).

      So I grinded my ass off in freerolls to get my first "coin" then it took me a while to test out all the different variants to see what I like the most (started with FL, went okay, tried SSS, totally failed with that, then FR BSS, crushed NL10 and then got killed by 1-3 outers when trying to move to NL25 - then decided to permanently switch over to BSS SH and that's where I am now - been tangling between NL10 and NL25 there as well, since I was/am broke, I was cashing out a lot, so obv hard to climb the stakes like that)

      Been taking it more seriously for the last couple of months and am not cashing out any more to finally get this train rollin.

      Average monthly volume has been between 25-50k, but I am increasing my work capacity as I go as well.

      I have been posting A LOT of hands in the evaluation forums and I feel that my game is good enough to beat the micros, but my biggest leak imo has been my mindset, which I feel is a common leak among many aspiring Estonian players (dunno if it's the general semi-depressive nature of northern people or smth)

      Anyway, I guess that's that - I'm ready, I'm willing ... no, more than willing, I ABSOLUTELY need this and am ready for anything/everything.

    • Fongie
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      GL TT
    • TwiceT
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      @ all: applications only via skype/e-mail

      in general, everything can be discussed. im very happy one of the applicants suggested the following in skype to me:

      "You should set it up so if someone plays more, then the percentage lowers that way you want to motivate people to play more. Something like if you play less than 60k hands a month, then 33% and if more than 100k 25%, and more than 150k 20% or something like that... And if someone plays more than 300k hands a month, 15% or something..."

      i would like to answer here, so everybody can read my thoughts on it:
      i dont like it. reason being, it only leads to mindlessly grinding hands. -ev longterm for many reasons:

      - winrate may drop down
      - mindset issues. when playing more hands, more tables etc, u need to get more and more into robotic mode. if u reach a certain level, u question yourself if thats rly what u wanna do
      - not working enough on your game, just trying to get hands in
      - slows down the progress and moving up in limits
      - could possibly demotivate other group members (ah damn, he just has to pay 15% of winnings to TT, i have to pay 28% ... FML ...

      for those who dont know me, i want to clearly underline one thing:
      im a rly nice guy overall. ofc i dont do anything for free, but i dont only do it for the $$$. i could also grind myself and make enough moniiez, believe me.

      i wont flame u if u dont put enough volume in (ask emi). i might not interact as much with u then, cuz u just get back what u give ... BUT if i see u are dedicated, motivated to improve, start your sicko poker career and want to live the dream, i will put as much time and effort in your development as i potentially can (ask simo)

      i generally dont like to regulate too much. even if we agree on playing 50k hands/month, if we decide to focus in improving only to move up faster, thats fine as well ofc. or if u need to go on a sicko holiday with your girl for 2 weeks, ofc go for it and ship it like a pro! its all about adapting.

      setting too many rules is not beneficial imo. its bad for creativity and personal evolvement.

      i just wanna underline it one more time, so u dont have to be afraid if u think u gonna be next poker pro rushing thru the limits: if u earn me a lot of money, i will try my best to give u the best poker education i can. ofc u will get all my e-books, my training site logins, i will invite u in special skype discussion channels, give u mindset coachings etc etc.
      i am convinced, that this deal is +ev for everybody, cuz after 1year (or whatever duration we have in our deal) u keep all that knowledge, but earn the $$$ for u only.

      in case i didnt say it clearly so far: ofc im here to guide and support u. but in the end, its all about you. u have to do the hard work, im just here to assist u. the harder u work, the more successful u will be. poker might be cruel, but it is also very fair in the longrun.
    • i5bet72o
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      "winrates may drop down" This is not true, WR will drop down. It is impossible for a 24 tablers to have the same WR as a 4 tabler if they have the same skill and experience.

      "u think u gonna be the next poker pro rushing through the limits" This promo probally increases your chance of "rushing through the limits" maybe 10 fold, maybe more

      "poker is fair in the long run" yup it rewards the players with the best mindset
    • batmanbatmanbatman
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      You just got yourself an applicant sir. Please accept my skype contact details.
    • Dublimax
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      Hi TT,

      If you don't mind let's discuss the 50k hands per months for NLHE SH requirement.
      Ok let's do the maths for the craic.

      I think it is fair to say that people shouldn't play more than 4 tables at a time since the main objective is to improve. Let's says that on average you do 250 hands per hour. Straight maths give 6.5 hours a day (30 days a month) on average. Let's add for the sake of argument 2 hours per day analysing hands, watching videos, sweating or whatever. It makes it to 8.5 hours per day.

      That's absolutly no problem if you are full time imo. (Jz I wish I could be full time poker player).

      For non full time player, job or uni unless one needs only 2 hours sleep a day I don't really see how it can be possible.

      So my question is the following:

      When you say that:

      Originally posted by TwiceT

      if u have a job or are studying at uni, it will be harder for u to get in. simply because u dont have as much time to dedicate to your poker career and i just want ppl who take it rly serious. however, i know its possible to study/work AND start a sicko poker career. but it's very tough and u need to convince me (which wont be easy)
      Do you mean that there is a way around the 50k hands a month depending on each individual situation (I fully understand anyway the volume aspect of a poker career) or do you mean by very though that it requires a 2 hours sleep a day :)
      Someone that manages to put 30k hands a months with a job shows much more dedication than 50k full time imo.

      I'm not trying to be difficult but just trying to understand the deal a bit more (and also see ofc if I should re consider an application).

    • fulja
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      I got an impression that playing 50k hands is not a must but is a big plus when it comes to picking his students. But if you can't put in that kind of volume and show him you're capable of learning/playing/having fun/etc... you also have a chance of getting in. You just have to show him why do you think you're the right person for the project.

      Just my 2 cents.
    • Hadi
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      nicely done sir