Hi guys, so the 1st of November is a start of my poker journey which will hopefully last for aaaages. I'm starting to play Fixed Limit and will keep you updated about my progress.

So a little bit about myself before we start: my name's is Daz, I'm 20 years old and have been playing poker on and off with medium-to-none success for the past 2 years, I know how to play, but that's probably where it ends with my knowledge. I work full time for a Car insurance company (which name I won't mention as it's quite popular and not very well liked - don't wanna make enemies from the start do i...?) I also live in Swansea in South Wales, UK so any guys from around here -- Hi!!.

I'm going to start with $150 which would allow me to play $0.25-$0.50 limit with the BRM which i will try and employ quite strictly (as thats what failed me before) so hopefully I'll give daily updates and tbh I'm not quite sure what my goals should be at this stage (so mayble some help?) all I know is that my main goal is:

Main Goal:To make $4000 by 31st of December 2010

Short(er) Term Goals: Read all the articles in the Bronze Section + watch the videos by 14th of November.

Read all the articles in the Silver Section + watch the videos by 30th of November

Read all the articles in the Gold Section + watch the videos by 10th December.

Start getting involed with the Hand Forums + Coachings and videos.

Any more you guys could think of ?

Peace for now, and hope to hear from you,