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dealing with players with wide 38bet ranges?

    • conall88
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 1,715
      Full Tilt Poker $360 + $18 Heads Up Shootout No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t15/t30 Blinds - 2 players
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      Hero (BB): t1500 M = 33.33
      BTN/SB: t1500 M = 33.33

      Pre Flop: (t45) Hero is BB with 3 :spade: 9 :club:

      BTN/SB raises to t60, Hero raises to t90, BTN/SB raises to t120, Hero raises to t150, BTN/SB raises to t180, Hero raises to t210, BTN/SB raises to t240, Hero raises to t270, BTN/SB raises to t300, Hero raises to t330, BTN/SB raises to t360, Hero raises to t390, BTN/SB raises to t420, Hero raises to t450, BTN/SB raises to t480, Hero raises to t510, BTN/SB raises to t540, Hero raises to t570, BTN/SB raises to t600, Hero raises to t630, BTN/SB raises to t660, Hero raises to t690, BTN/SB raises to t720, Hero raises to t750, BTN/SB raises to t780, Hero raises to t810, BTN/SB raises to t840, Hero raises to t870, BTN/SB raises to t900, Hero raises to t930, BTN/SB raises to t960, Hero raises to t990, BTN/SB raises to t1020, Hero raises to t1050, BTN/SB raises to t1080, Hero raises to t1110, BTN/SB raises to t1140, Hero raises to t1170, BTN/SB raises to t1200, Hero raises to t1230, BTN/SB raises to t1260, Hero raises to t1290, BTN/SB raises to t1320, Hero raises to t1352, BTN/SB requests TIME, BTN/SB raises to t1384, Hero raises to t1434, BTN/SB raises to t1484, Hero calls t50

      Flop: (t2968) Q :heart: 3 :diamond: 2 :diamond: (2 players)
      Hero bets t16 all in, BTN/SB requests TIME, BTN/SB calls t16 all in

      Turn: (t3000) 4 :diamond: (2 players - 2 are all in)

      River: (t3000) T :spade: (2 players - 2 are all in)

      edit: he shows 72o

      Flop is obv std, but im curious what you guys think of pre. Obv the 3bet, 5bet, 7bet, and 9bet are for pure value.

      It gets pretty interesting once he 10bets. His range at that point is almost entirely hands that I crush, as almost no one 10bets as anything but a bluff these days. I could obv flat and let his dominated hands stay in, but I thought I could get a bit more with another series of reraises.

      After my 21bet, i'm a little worried he has a hand like 4h5h and consider shoving to fold out his equity, but I decide to continue extracting value from all his 73, 23, 92 hands that I want to stay in the pot. I stay with my read until we get to the 42bet, at which point i decide to throw him off with my sizing.

      My normal 43bet sizing is 1350, but here i decide to go a little bigger since my hand is so good and it's unlikely he knows too much about my 43bet range as this is our first match in a while. Once he 48bets i decide to flat and see a flop, which from taht point on i think explains itself.

      Any input appreciated. srsly :f_biggrin:

      orig posted by shortsharpstock on 2p2 :D
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