win rate for heads up

    • Downsw1ngz
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      hi guys as a live player looking to convert to online i would just like to know roughly what is a winrate that hu players look to achieve.

      Obviously 51 percent you are a winning player but a loser after rake.

      As a player looking to grind low stakes heads up sngs is 60 percent winrate achievable?
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    • andreibalint
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      Go to -> Leaderboards, select HU and the stakes and click the players to see some ROI to figure out what results have the best in the game.

      You probably won't be 60% ITM but you'll come close.
    • HannesZ
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      Hi Downsw1ngz,

      Your ITM and ROI rate mainly depend on your table selection. If you just play versus very bad players you can reach very high rates.

      I just checked the leaderboard on sharkscope. One of the best player on the $10+0.5 SNGs on PokerStars has a ROI of 47%, which means that he is ITM 77%.

      If you are ITM 60% you have a ROI of 14%.

      Best regards,